Green Man is downright delighted to unveil the wonderful Feist as his first fantastic headliner for summer 2012!

The Canadian singer-songwriter will play the 10th anniversary Green Man Festival on Sunday August 19, and heads the first wave of amazing acts confirmed for the most varied and exciting line-up in our decade-long history.

Feist’s Grammy-nominated 2007 solo breakthrough The Reminder sold over a million copies worldwide, while last year’s superb follow-up Metals was declared the best album of 2011 by The New York Times.

A long-standing member of acclaimed music collective Broken Social Scene, Feist has also collaborated with the likes of Wilco, Beck and Grizzly Bear, and this month received a 2012 Brit Award nomination for Best International Female Solo Artist.

What better way to end Green Man’s 10th birthday bash than in the company of one of the most beguiling voices in modern music? Heavenly…

Tickets for Green Man 2012 went on sale at 9am this morning!

If that wasn’t enough, the following astounding artists are joining Feist at Green Man 2012, in the heart of Wales’ breathtaking Black Mountains, from August 17-19:
The Walkmen
The Felice Brothers
Yann Tiersen
Jonathan Richman
Junior Boys
Damien Jurado
The Time & Space Machine (Live)
Cass McCombs
Scritti Polliti
Slow Club
Ghost Poet
Pete Paphides - Vinyl Revival
Peaking Lights
Dark Dark Dark,
Cashier No. 9
The Wave Pictures
Teeth of the Sea
The Perch Creek Family Jug Band
Richard Warren
Goodnight Lenin
Sweet Baboo

Trust us, this is just the beginning – we’ve got TWO more brilliant headliners and over 100 other acts yet to announce!

Green Man 2012 – it just wouldn’t be the same without you.

scritti politti!


pleased about jonathan richman, slow club and peaking lights

ambivalent so far about the rest

wasn't feist on an advert?

Don't know nuffin' about Ms Feist . . . but Jonathan Richman?!!!!!! You great big beautiful Green Man! Come here and let me stroke your branches! I've only been pleading for JoJo every bloody year for the past five years, never thought it would happen. Bloody wonderful news on a cold Monday morning struggling to recover from a virus that's knocked me for six. Hope he brings the band with him (i.e. Tommy Larkins on drum).

I was so ecstatic at the JR news I didn't read down the rest of the list - Wave Pictures!!!!!!!! Sweet Baboo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So what else then . .

Damien Jurado - makes Josh T look like, well, like Jonathan Richman. Possibly the most harrowing gig I've ever been to. Remember thinking 'if all these songs are based on this guy's own experience he is well and truly FUBB'.

Felice Brothers - perfect for GM

Ghostpoet - loved his 'Survive It' last year, this will make me go and listen some more.

Scritti Politti - loved them in their Marxist days, returned to Green with the last album, again an inspired choice!

Goodnight Lenin - local boys from Brum

im happy with J.Richman, the self titled Modern Lovers album is one of my favs.

loving The Walkmen, Feist, Dark Dark Dark and Sweet baboo too.

Very very happy with this first announcement! Great diversity in the line up AND THE TIME & SPACE MACHINE live - That really has made my day! + Feist, The Walkmen, Peaking Lights, Ghostpoet etc etc Goooood times

Thank you Green Man!

Tickets booked and I'm very very excited.

Some brilliant bookings well done Green Man.  Looking forward to Feist  (I love that woman), Yann Tiersen, Junior Boys, Slow Club, Ghost Poet, Teeth of the Sea (if you haven't heard them have a listen they're ace).

Scritti Politti ... Love it!


Fantastic start to the line-up announcements. Lots to love there, but Damien Jurado was the one I was really hoping to see again this year so delighted about that. He really does have a great sense of humour even if it's not evident in all of his songs!

I was very excited for a moment when I saw Alaska on the list, but I don't think the San Franscisco band that I'm thinking of have been heard of for some time now so i suspect it's some imposters on the bill here.


Time and Space Machine has made my day too!

I'll never (y'hear me, never!) forget Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve in Far Out, 2009.

Nor am I likely to forget Time and Space Machine on the wheels of steel at the Trip 2010.

Job's a good 'un.

He HAS to be playing a DJ set at somepoint over the weekend....

the Feist album is a bit of a guilty pleasure, and sure she's good live, but struggling to see that work in a headline slot.  i'll happily be made to eat my words but think i'll be somewhere other than the main stage during that - I usually am regardless

cant mumble about the rest.  dark dark dark and simone felice (i'll assume he's accompanying) were on my wishlist.  Ghostpoet is an interesting choice and quite excited about that.  Cass McCombs, Yann Tierson, Jonathan Richman....yip, not too shabby at all so far GM

Phew i'm back-bought tickets last night just on the strength of Mr Richman-but feist,the felice brothers,damien jurado,cass mcombs,the walkmen and many more named already-if there were no more acts named i'd still be happy,it's probably going to be a worthy 10 year celebration.

These are brilliant announcements... neutral on Feist as headliner but The Walkmen, Ghostpoet, Alt-J, Islet, Jonathan Richman, Slow Club are great. Just gonna suggest more names haha:

Not sure how realistic this is but New Order would be interesting, Los Campesinos!, Flaming Lips would be woah, The Coral, SBTRKT, Wild Beasts, and NICK CAVE NICK CAVE NICK CAVE. Also not very reaistic but Arcade Fire and Radiohead.

same old argument, i know

but still holds water

if the bill at GM looks like the bill at any other festival, then, well, bummer

Can I just say I find Radiohead utterly turgid and New Order massively overrated. There, I've said it. Am I in big trouble now?

I've got to defend New Order,they were once a great band,not now especially without hooky,but i agree they aren't a green man band.Still holding out for Akron Family.

i would like to point out that i wasn't having a personal dig at thischarmingman

it just brought up that thought again

Although I do like radiohead, I admit that they're not a Green Man act.

What is a Green Man act though?

It's not really a folk festival as such anymore (this isn't a criticism) is it? More folk-friendly. It's got  a can't-quite-put-your-finger-on-it kinda vibe. 


I agree,love Radiohead but wouldn't want to see them at Green Man---but then again i wouldn't have thought that Scritti politti would have been a green man band.

I'd love to see field music, Bon iver, war on drugs, Los campesinos,

midlake, Spiritualized, low, Stephen malkmus

but most of all Sufjan Stevens. His age of adz show at Royal Festival Hall was amazing.

agree brodieblue... best gig ever.. 

he would be a triffic headliner

Sufjan would be such a brilliant headliner, that show was such fantastic bombast. Some big crazy lights on the main stage... I can see it now.

would be dreamy BUT he has never played an outdoor stage, so can't see it happening : (

King Creosote & Jon Hopkins would be lovely, I have friends that went to see them tonight but I couldn't go. double : (

What about ; grizzly bear, animal collective or at least panda bear

Steve mason, wild beasts. 

I see Admiral Fallow have a new album out in May and presumably will be touring it.


Go on Green Man , you know what to do!






Oh and finally..................

............... how about the Polyphonic Sphree, not sure they are still going but they always put on a great show.

Just listening to 6music and heard a clip from Feist's interview with Mark Radcliffe. I appreciate that she may be a bit busy this year but she seemed surprised to be reminded by Mark that she's headlining Green Man and she thought the festival was in London. Did anyone else hear this interview? I've given her stuff a listen since the announcement but haven't been massively impressed if I'm honest, having said that I'm not overly concerned given the quality of the other acts that have since been announced.

Oh dear! I haven't hear the interview but having listened to her stuff I'm also struggling to understand what all the fuss is about.

I'm hoping the third headliner might make me sit up and take notice.

either bonnie or bat for lashes are my crossed finger candidates

thank fuck it isn't going to be bon iver, that's all i can say


Oops ... that's not the Bonnie you meant was it?







Yes, where better than Green Man for the much-rumored Bonnie Tyler come back. Bring it on !!!


bonnie bramlett

needs a solo career now that delaney is dead

long as she doesn't bring that fucker clapton with her