Your less -than-a-week-to-go Top 5

Yes, I'm starting another list thread, in an attenpt to assuage some of my ever more abusrd levels of excitement. It's been more than three months since the last post on the Top 10 thread, so I thought this was justifiable, and easy enough.

The Rules (only to clarify what will be flouted within a post or two)

1. Your top 5 must-see musical acts over the GM2014 weekend

 2. Ideally they should fit into the schedule as not clashing, as best we know it, currently.

3. Stick to 5 only

4. Try to play properly, Ray

Mine (in handy chronological order):

Michael A Grammar

Adult Jazz

Mac DeMarco (obvs)


First Aid Kit

Don't let me down, GM Forum...



In no particular order:

Woman's Hour

Sharon van Etten

The War On Drugs

Mercury Rev

First Aid Kit