Your help with 'Introduction to Green Man' radio show?

Musically: Laura J. Martin and Ute. Both on the Pub Stage, both excellent. Not everyone will know to go and see them.

Advice that you bring a chair, but drop it back at camp early evening. If you're in a car, don't bring all your clean clothes in straight away, swap your washing half way through the weekend so there's less to carry. Get a crepe!

Excellent, thank you both.

Rog: will def include those tips. Hadn't thought of the half-your-clothes thing, but with the carpark being so convenient, it makes sense.

Josh T already on the playlist - but will check t'others.



(And remember to bring your radios so you can listen in ;)

 It's going to seem very obvious, but mention where to get programs. I went first time last year and walked past the tent twice on Thurs night before  noticing that's what they were selling.

Part of the problem is that until you get a program you don't have a map of the site and won't know where to find anything.



No ... they'll sell out even quicker!

Seriously though, that's an excellent idea Krasnyi.

Also worth mentioning that lost property finds it's way back to the green man merchandise tent (where the programmes are sold).

Perhaps also that thick soled flip-flops/sandals or similar are recommended for the showers, as even in good weather the floors will get pretty mucky. 



Is the Cwmdu School tent the one on the way from the camping to the Main Stage, outside the gate?


Had many a tasty piece of cake from there...