Wither the Weather 2015

I have been disappointed by the lack of weather discussion this year. I'm predicting hail. And frogs whilst Goat are playing.

What are the best websites for weather watching? Thus far I have:




Who got it most right last year? 

We are getting there tomorrow as well,but getting ever so slightly intoxicated in the pub we are staying at--trouble is the pub we stay in does not seem to believe in closing times and is always open when we get back from the festival each night--i need more will power.

I would - cover all eventualities - I've got sunburned at wet GMs in the past - there'll be sun as well as rain, it's what makes those valleys so damn lush

I would definitely say to take any weather forecast with a pinch of salt, last night and this morning I checked the weather forecast for Crickhowel (ok not Glanusk but close enough) as I was taking a walk up Table mountain today, the weather forecast I used showed cloud with 80% chance of showers, anyone local would know I spent my walk up Table mountain in shorts and a tshirt with a sunbathe to treat myself at the finish, not a cloud nor rain in sight:) As I have already read, to forecast the weather accurately in the Black Mountains of Wales in advance would be something quite amazing. 

Another quick note, I'm bringing my friend Dan and in the 4 years he has attended Greenman he has witnessed maybe one or two nothing showers (one whilst watching John Cale I believe) but each year he has missed has just so happened to rain rather heavy (you know the years), he just seems to attract good weather whatever Greenman we attend.

If we get good weather we can all thank Dan. 

Welcome Dan.

I hope your repelling cloud magnets are stronger than their opposites wielded by my travelling companions Mike and Lisa who have only ever known rain and mud at GM...

Warm winds?? They turn up after a couple of days at every festival (hoho)... That seals it though, rocking shorts all weekend

Not going to be that cold, infact pretty mild at night...and won't be getting that hot during the day, especially if cloudy/rainy. No strong winds...but will be a bit breezy.

Ha Ha,not sure you will believe the weather when you are stood[or sat on fancy new chair] at the festival.

I'm trusting the forecast enough to leave the sandals at home this year anyhow. Prepared for the worst while still hoping for the best (or something marginally better than the worst)

Leaving in an hour and beginning to wish i had purchased the boots i tried on yesterday---might call in the shop on the way,it's a pain to wear wellies everyday.

I havent been to GM since the mudbath of '12. I wonder whether the new live-in field is likely to be any less boggy than the one we found oursleves in then?

We were in the far corner next to the bogs, felt like the soggiest part of the entire site. 

Anyone got a view on whether the new live-in location is likely to be any more unmuddy. NOstradamus will prob know.

I don't know where will be muddy at all I'm afraid...never been to a muddy GM. Not sure if it will be as bad as 2012 as this summer has been relatively dry. 

In other news, Sunday still looking feckin awful.

The new live-in area has yet to be tested in bad weather, however it will be a lot better than the old one. It’s uphill rather than down in a hollow so will drain better. It also has a number of possible exit routes rather than the one (uphill) one.

I’d expect most vehicles to be able to get out of it without assistance.

good to hear. although too much r.a.i.n. will = plenty of p.a.i.n. for mrs bertha and her aging wellies

hippos have more fun in the mud. she doesnt


Decided NOT to bring wellies as they made my feet hurt just putting themon.  Will be rocking walking boots and may pinch other half's gaiters.

The metoffice forecast updated at noon is better than that from 10am! Now no rain forecast for tomorrow. I HAVE to stop this now, I'm getting obsessed. See you tomorrow at 6.30. I'll be the one with the beard.....

Hi folks, it has rained heavily all day today, currently sitting in a pub in Crickhowell enjoying a large glass of DRY white and avoiding the inevitable wet tent. I'm sure we can't have another day like this! 

Very true. I reckon there will be a lot of early leavers though...unless forecast changes.

Need a mud report Elizabeth...get out of that pub and get back in that field!

Seems very changable - Sunday looks horrendous though