Wither the Weather 2015

I have been disappointed by the lack of weather discussion this year. I'm predicting hail. And frogs whilst Goat are playing.

What are the best websites for weather watching? Thus far I have:




Who got it most right last year? 

so all the london forecasts this morning predicted thick grey cloud all day

it's been blazing sunshine for the last four hours

if they can't do london with a few hours notice, then the idea that anyone can do the black mountains ten days in advance...

Any weather forecast more than 2 days ahead is not worth the pixels it is displayed with!

I'll take anything other than a monsoon 

As has been said, anything more than general indications are not worth much. Having said that, a 10 day forecast I looked at earlier said cloudy 10-20% chance of rain for end of next week. Even a close approximation to that would be welcome. But what the hell, it'll still be fun.

There's wall to wall weather being forecast all this week and next weekend. Picture that. Weather. Real actual weather.

(I'm clearly unravelling with excitement now)


did you really just say 'yay' mr ray?

you'll be 'lolling' next


Mrs Bertha is mumbling darkly about the grey cloud shaped things appearing on the forecast maps, several with blue tear drops tumbling forth. Better pack more wine.

Looks wet on the thursday but as normal it changing on an hourly basis. I promised myself I would only look the day before (the only time its worth looking) but have broken that promise again! (cant help myself)

Let's hope it doesn't turn out like this:

Was there ever a winter so cold and so sad 

The river too weary to flood 

The storming wind cut through to my skin 

But she cut through to my blood

I agree Kras - it's my favourite album of his. I've heard him talk about it and tbh he was scarred by the (unfair) criticism at the time. I think it's a bit of a masterpiece!

Surely there is more that can be written about the weather.....

no reports from settlers with technology? C'mon people 

2nd Greenman. Long term weather worrier.

At moment looks wet wednesday pm, are the stage areas closed off to stop them getting too muddy? When do they open Thursday?

Thursday/Friday/Saturday look like being quite windy, warm and muggy, and some showers/rain.

Saturday night to Monday weather could be a bit horrible, big low centred right on top of Greenman.

Weekend still too far away for any accuracy, but bit worried about the rain forecast for tomorrow afternoon and evening. How much rain does it take to turn Greenman into a mudbath? Was going to take my hiking boots, now thinking wellies might be better? 


they weigh nothing

and will change a shit time into a perfectly good time if it does shed it down

waterproof trousers and walking boots (even with a bit of a muddy shin) trump wellies for comfort and walkingaboutability.

Now I've put up the sister-in-law's mega-awning at home to check it out, I'm almost looking forward to hunkering down in that with the cider listening to the rain and wtching the mud tide rise...

Its just that f-ing lake in the far out tent that is the most depressing memory/image - a heartbreaking sight that encapsulates all that's upsetting about a wet GM.

What is your worst wet GM memory? I shared War and Peace on here about 2012 a couple of weeks back...

mr ray has shares in a wtaerproof trousers company

definitely packing ours!

wettest GM memory has to be 2008

leaving on the monday sitting outside the cwmdu tent in almost a foot of stinking brown water

Not been to a muddy GM. Wasn't the ground already drenched in 2012...and heavy downpours during the festival itself just killed it? Shouldn't be that bad this year....should it?! Have been to a few muddy Glastonburys and I know full on rain and mud can turn a festival from a joyous celebration of life to what surviving the apocalypse must be like. I'm actually tempted to sell ticket as going on my own (meeting friends there), but if do go, which I probably will, I'll be taking walking boots and waterproof trousers/jacket. Be prepared as Baden Powell once said. 

the infrastructure's a lot better now

more paths and webbing to avoid that dispiriting schlepp through foot-deep mud (good workout, mind)

so even if it is grim, it will never be as grim again as 2008

camping in that kind of weather, though, can of course be a fairly miserable experience

bring a lot of alcohol

(and waterproof trousers)

got to Glanusk yesterday morning. Brilliant sunshine. The site looks lovelier than ever. Signs of investment in ground work and facilities. New stage at the Mountain stage, Settlers Camp really ace, Gentle Good was outstanding, as was the lovely Georgia Ruth. Ground dry and stable, very cold at night. I think this could be a great year chaps. looking forward to seeing you all Thursday

Have been to biblical Latitude's and Glastonbury's and don't think you can beat the poncho and shorts/wellies combo for the rain, legs are easier to clean mud off than water proof trousers... and it won't be that cold in the day time

Tomorrow looks the worst, so hopefully it'll have passed by thursday when the crowds turn up, setting up camp in the rain is a ballache


what makes you think that abergavenny will have the same weather as glanusk?

crickhowell doesn't even have the same weather as glanusk

and that's leaving aside the fact that weather forecasting is a contradiction in terms

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

Generally rather unsettled, with breezy and often fairly cloudy conditions, and occasional outbreaks of rain. Warm and humid at times. Perhaps turning gradually cooler and fresher later on Saturday.

Updated at: 0250 on Tue 18 Aug 2015

Sounds like most other years but with less rain

That is as of 2.30 on Tuesday. If you've been furiously refreshing the metoffice Crickhowell forecast page for the last 72 hours you'll have noticed that the forecast has been changing by the hour or so. Yeserday it looked pretty shit. Now, not so.

Mystic Meg says we are gonna be ok. Unless we're not. Too much furious refreshing.

I always prepare on the assumption that it will pee it down for all 4 days and that the car will get stuck in the mud on the Monday.  Anything different is a bonus.

How much rain falls tomorrow is crucial. Everyone there should stay in their tents and not walk around churning it up...same goes with lorries etc. Don't touch anything! Weekend is up for grabs too as a big fat low heading our way...we could be lucky...we could be very unlucky...but by saturday it doesn't really matter...right?