Who is Rocking the GM this year?

We've been coming to GM for the last 3 years and everytime you good people come up with some great suggestions for  bands that like to crank up the volume and liven things up a little.  The question is................who's hot at the GM 2013?  Thanks in advance everyone.

I think an unfortunate protection order has been served on our ear drums this year Philby.

There's Swans on Sunday night, asuming you can tear yourself away from Ben Howard :)

John Cale will rock it up a bit on the Mountain Stage on Friday, but there's not a lot else that I've come across so far.

Parquet Courts


Altogether now ... "Socrates died in the fuuucking gutter!" 


for some rock n  roll loudness there are more than i initially thought, the horrors bit of shoegazy, psychness. Swans loud f**k. archie bronson, allah las for some 60's style garage rock, and moon duo of course. thought forms also have a few loud numbers looking forward to seeing them.mikal cronin aswell.

Certainly not! I'd mentioned them as this year's saviours of aural debauchery in my earlier post.

Now Ben Howard or Swans? - difficult decision :)