Who do you recommend?

I'm looking forward to the acts I knew nothing about until seeing this year's lineup...like Sleepy Sun, Silver Columns, First Aid Kit, Matthew & the Atlas...

The after dark lineups also look really exciting.

& obviously there's Wild Beasts OH MY GOD!!!

 I think you should definitely take Doves off there and replace them with Fuck Buttons or An Horse. If you're a fan of Fionn Regan definitely get into The Tallest Man on Earth (who is guaranteed to be as big as Bon Iver) and Johnny Flynn. Both awesome acoustic artists. First Aid Kit and Smoke Fairies are also a little like Laura Marling nad Joker's Daughter as in they're female acoustic acts...

If you like you're alternative, which it looks like you do, make sure you check out The Besnard Lakes, they're incredible, and maybe Girls? Apart from those mentioned who're all fab the real highlights for me are Megafaun, Beirut and Efterklang.

Anyone fancy recommending me anyone on the smaller stages?

 Take Doves off and that's a cracking list Caralou. Add to that Erland and the Carnival, These New Puritans, Steve Mason, John Grant and First Aid Kit. It's going to be a belter!

 A special little personal recommendation from me for Jonny Kearney & Lucy Farrell who will charm your pants off.  Some of you might have seen them supporting The Unthanks on their big tour and the 10-piece Unthanks are a marvellous live proposition too, thrilling arrangements and harmonies.


Others I've seen and am looking forward to seeing again:

Field Music

First Aid Kit

Laura Marling

Joanna Newsome

Billy Bragg

Tallest Man On Earth

John Smith


John Cooper Clarke

Smoke Fairies

Mumford & Sons

Christopher Rees

Simone Felice

Robin Ince

Josie Long


Seen before but not that bothered about seeing again:



Particularly looking forward to seeing for the first time:

Flaming Lips

John Grant

These New Puritans



Looking forward to being pleasantly surprised by:


Everyone else





Thank you for all the replies :-D

My Napster streaming is in overload with all the new bands! Not too sure on F*** Buttons yet, but think at a festival they should be great live. Erland are now a must having listened and how had I not heard of First Aid Kit, they are fab?!?!

I can't seem to find much online on Jonny Kearney & Lucy Farrell so that will be a listening task for tomorrow as what I could find I like.

Forgot about John Cooper Clarke - saw him at my local boozer last year and he mainly does stand-up now (a kind of alternative Bernard Manning!) with the occasional poem thrown in.

And of course, Billy Bragg - always great live even if some of his recent stuff doesn't do much for me. Hopefully we'll have a big sing-a-long to A New England.

As I'm working through the list I'm finding more and more fab stuff - Je Suis Animal and Avi Buffalo sound cool. And Caitlin Rose -a a touch of bluegrass at Green Man, yes siree!

and I promise not to moan again about James Yorkston, King Creosote, Euros Childs, Cate le Bon and 9 Bach not being in the line-up.

The Tallest Man on Earth is absolutely phenomenal live. I watched him at Primavera last year and he was the best thing I saw there. The Wave Pictures always put on a fantastic show and are also well worth your time.

I think The Unthanks new album is pretty darn tasty. I've seen them before at the Cambridge Folk Festival, and they do well live. Really looking forward to seeing Beirut, been big fans of theirs for years and still not managed to catch them live. I could've sworn I'd seen Sam Amidon on the line-up, who is absolutely stunning, but he's either disappeared or I was imagining it. Hadn't heard of The Tallest Man on Earth before now, but very promising. Also looking forward to Fuck Buttons rather muchly. Aaaaaaaar can't wait.

I know this thread is quite old now but I thought I would revive it seeing as you can't beat a good recommendation and no-one has mentioned Sam Amidon, definitely check him out if you get a chance to before Green Man, and if not, then go and see him. Also John Smith is worth checking out, both are playing at the Green Man Pub.

Can anyone else recommend anyone else playing there?

 Efterklang, Beirut, Joanna Newsom, Fionn Regan, Tallest Man on Earth, Girls, Caitlin Rose, Johnny Flynn, Laura Marling, Flaming Lips, Fanfarlo, Erland and the Carnival...Argh, Green Man, you're spoiling me! Although personally I could do with some of last year's line up being infused into this year's...A bit of Grizzly Bear, Dirty Three, Vetiver, Andrew Bird and Beach House would have been absolutely perfect. Sigh. 

Actually getting quite excited this year despite the shite weather forecast.... not like me.

Looking forward to, in no particular order:

Sleepy Sun, Besnard Lakes, Race Horses, Chew Lips, Wild Beasts, Efterklang & Flaming Lips, Darwin Deez for his hair!.

Hope as usual to catch some wonderful sounds on the smaller stages that We've never heard of too. Neon Indian sound interesting, dunno what they will sound like after a few ciders!

Seen Doves a few times over the years. Very good at what they do, if you like that type of thing they won't disapoint. Like wise saw FK Buttons at GM 08 & in Barcelona in May. They have improved greatly and will prob tear the tent up.

Bring it on, Heddwch Pawb x

Mine would be:


PLank! (go check these mancs out to kick off greenman 2010), Beirut, mountain man, sam amidon, stuart maconie ,Erland and the carnival, the wave pictures, Hextatic


Flaming Lips, Besnard Lakes, Wild Beasts, These new puritans, voice of the seven thunders, john cooper clarke, Neon Indian and FACTORY FLOOR can't wait for these guys to freak out all you cardigan wearing beardies.


Newsom, Marling, Efterklang, tallest man on earth, lone wolf, matthew herbert, girls

I wish people would stop mentioning the Dirty Three. Missed them last year and am pretty gutted about it. Mate didn't stop going on about how much I would have liked them until weeks after the festival.


Fuck Buttons are definitely one that I am looking forward to as they look liable to set the place on fire. Interested to see what kind of set the Flaming Lips put on as well. Tallest man on earth is tempting.


Overall I will probably spend a bit more time at the Pub stage and less at the main stage this year as a lot of good stuff was there and I liked the enclosed feel. And don't forget the Chai Wallahs tent people, late on in the night they had a few bands on that were good for dancing about to.

I apologise, but I must say...You definitely missed out, you crazy cat. Okay, okay, I'll stop now. Hey, I missed Andrew Bird and Vetiver though, so feel free to get me back...Unless you missed them too. That would just be unfortunate! 

My must see is Katell Keineg, I've been trying to catch her for years after hearing "Gulf of Araby" on the Natalie Merchant live album

Managed to miss First Aid Kit twice this year in Birmingham (once at the pub 5 minutes walk away!) so am really looking forward to seeing them.

I listen to Unthanks' Here's The Tender Coming on a daily basis so can't wait for them.


This might also be the place where Joanna Newsom finally reveals her feelings for me and that really she wants to live with me forever.


Sorry Craig but she called me last night, said it was a choice between me and you and she decided on me. She's moving in with me and my girlfriend after the festival. I'm moving the girlfriend into the back bedroom next to the baby. She even agreed not to bring that bloody harp.