Who can I contact??

Hi all,

I signed up to be a steward earlier this year but because of work commitments I couldn't get the whole Wednesday-Monday away. So back in May I sent an email to let the fellows know and I got a reply saying I'd be put in touch with the finance guru to get my deposit back. Since I withdrew my stewarding application in May I hoped to get £155 of my deposit back as per the information given when I registered my interest (it said if you withdraw before 1st July then you get the full deposit less a £10 charge).


Anyway, it's now mid august and I've not heard anything. I have sent a few emails to stewards@ but I haven't had a reply since May. I am sure that they are extremely busy at this time of year, so I was wondering if someone can give me an alternative contact to either get the deposit back OR to get a big pile of beer tokens (I am still coming! Just not working!)



Hi there.

I'm having exactly the same problem.


Got the same email mentioning finance guru too and still no response!




just spotted on GM Twitter account another steward asking the same. May be worth contacting them through that as they are responding to tweets on the subject. Good luck