Which route to take?

Hi guys, just wondering if anyone can give me any tips on which route out of these to take to travel. This year I'm coming from Malvern instead of Worcester so I'm not sure. I usually come from the North via Hay/A479. However I'm considering the Abergavenny route.

So which out of these routes would you reccomend?

https://goo.gl/maps/xqKaJ (My usual)


When I come via the A479/north there's never any traffic until I go over the Crickhowell bridge/traffic lights and it's scenic on the way. But the Abergavenny route is 30mins quicker on paper, but is there bad traffic between Abergavenny and Glanusk that would negate the time saved? If anyone else comes this way would appreciate any help.

Thanks for any tips!

We come from milton keynes. And the last part of our journey is the second of your routes (the Abergavenny route). There has NEVER been any traffic for us.....And you get to drive up a hill with stunning scenery....


Hope that helps.

Cambridge via a stopover in Gloucester for us. Always used your second route, never much traffic either on the Monday before or on the Thursday itself