Where is live in vehicle field relative to family camping?

We have a live in vehicle ticket, but will need to also pitch a tent in family camping, how far away from each other are they? I can only see holiday live in vehicles on the map, what's that?



I've seen your other post offering the live-in vehicle ticket, so you may have worked out that the two areas are as far apart as it's possible to be. GM is a compact site so it's not going to be more than 20-30 minutes walk between them but that may be more than you want. 

There is a small seperate live-in vehicle area near family camping that is for folk who have the week long holiday ticket. That is the one you can see on the map. 


You can still have either an awning or one small tent Elizabeth, but the ability to have a larger family tent next to a live-in vehicle appears to have gone. 

I suspect it's due to the fact that the live-in area is now a fixed size whereas, before last year, there was an entirely flexible boundary between live-in vehicles and family camping.

Oh I see, it would limit space and capacity in that case if there were larger tents allowed.

It seems to me, certainly on this forum that live in vehicle tickets are in greater demand, year on year.


I missed last year , so have only just realised the live in vehicle field has moved, could someone describe where it is, perhaps in relation to th main stage?

Any comments about its new location would be interesting