Where to camp?

Never been to GM before, so any tips on the best places to pitch up in the General Camping areas? Any places to avoid too!

The whole general camping area is pretty good to be fair and the site is small enough that you're never far from the arena. If you've got a coveted blue car park pass then you've got a much shorter walk from the car to the campsite. It tends to be a bit quieter at this end of the site close to the settlement but I don't think anywhere is particularly noisy or to be avoided - it's not Leeds. The walk from the orange car park is longer and tends to be busier the closer to the entrance you are but walk for an extra 5 minutes and you'll find a decent spot. The whole vibe of the festval is chilled so I doubt you'd have issues wherever you camp.


Only remotely bad experience I've had was in the bit pretty close to the back of the mountain stage, and that was more raucousness than anything unpleasant. As I tend not to go backwards and forwards very much I tend to go pretty far down to the bottom end.

My main priority tends to be to find somewhere with enough landmarks nearby that I can easily find my tent!

As a general rule, get as far away from the main general camping entrance as poss.  It means much more of a trek with your gear, but it's worth it.  It naturally fills up from that entrance so ends up being really tight for space and tends to be, how shall I say, a more energetic, youthful demographic.  More power to them, but I do need my sleep these days.