When will tickets be sent out?


Have tickets been sent out yet? Haven't received mine yet and seem to recall getting them before now when I was at GM a few years ago.


If you bought on ticketline, you will have set up a user account with your email.  If you log in you will see you green man ticket sale is confirmed but not yet dispatched.  Guess we are all still waiting.

You're not the only one - I was prompted to double-check the whereabouts of ours yesterday and they've not been despatched yet.

Since returning home early afternoon today to one of those Royal Mail 'you were out' slips we have been scratching our heads over what we could have missed. You lucky fuckers with tickets; were they delivered  'signed for'?

If I'm heading down to the PO on Monday morning to collect my GM tx that will be the best Monday morning since Monday mornings were sadistically conceived of as the worst part of your adult life....

or will it be the new dustpan and brush from Amazon?

Collected festival tix from post office in Monday and car park ticket today. I'd swopped  car park ticket so Ticketline had told me they would come separately. Relieved they've arrived:)