Whats Glanusk Park like the rest of the year?

Hiya, we were considering going down to Crickhowell and Glanusk Park this month just to see what its like normally plus its a great place anyway for a weekend away. However can you get into Glanusk Park outside of special times? Looking at the website its just advertising specific events. Can you get a ticket to just walk around the grounds or is it private (off limits)?  We arent fussy, just want to experience the estate and see what its like normally and also as a taster for August. cheers!



A couple of years ago when we were Settlers, we walked/cycled that path on the wednesday following that route along the canal - when you cross the B road you're in the festival site, but once you cross the Usk, you're off Festival site again, so it's just the bit between the 2 roads that you might have trouble with. We had no trouble as I believe that section is a public right of way. I suspect that it may just be "closed" for the duration of the festival itself (thurs-sun)

It's privately owned. I believe apart from the special events that they sometimes have: polo etc. there is no other way of walking the park. There is a business centre there as well.

.... it says: 


Note:The permissive path through the Glanusk Estate will be closed temporarily from 11th May – 5th June 2015, and 1st – 31st August 2015.  Please contact the Glanusk Estate Office on 01873 810-414 if you have any queries.


So, it seems there is a path. I expect you need to get hold of an OS map. 

Yes there is a permissive path. I have been down it and it is strange to see the grounds without all the tents on. It goes from the bridge on the entrance by the A40 up to the yard where the big beer tent is, through the archway then off slightly up hill to the right to exit on the A road opposite the path up to the canal.