Weyes Blood

Got hold of the new Weyes Blood album, Titanic Rising, today. Just as I was trying to decide whether James Yorkston or Tiny Ruins would be my album of the year along comes this - unspeakably beautful. Walter - please move heaven and earth to get her on to the bill!!!

oh, absolutely

we can't all be right

you're on the money re: idles, though

what a shower

Everyone is right---if you like it,its good,if you don't it's not.Good taste in music is for music snobs----i watch and listen to whatever i like and am not concerned if anyone i like is uncool and don't believe my taste is better or worse than anyone elses.it's just my taste.

Thanks Krasnyi.  It's a definite grower.  What I had initially thought was meh, is something I now keep returning to.  Movies is epic but there are stand out tracks throughout.  A bit of filler in there but yes, Natalie would be great addition to Walled Garden late on.

I found the possible fillers grew on me too. Now every track apart from the two brief instrumentals sound like epic last tracks on the album. Funnily enough, Movies is the only one I have slight problems with - not convinced by those drums that come in halfway through where the whole thing changes tempo.