Weather thread 2013

We're getting this godawful weather out of the way early this year then?

ow it's lashing down on Thursday. Why do they even bother predicting the weather. I have more luck predicting the lottery numbers. I won a tenner once.

current forecast says rain every day thursday, friday, saturday and sunday

then sunshine solidly for days from monday

sounds about right

yes - met office looking much better than

apart from saturday, as you say

when we're going to get pissed on

ah well - i'll get pissed on for roy harper

which sounds weird now i read it back...

You really think there's much difference? I remember it raining out my front windows and not out of my back windows for about an hour once. Anything is possible!

I've stayed in Crickhowell for many years and ther has never been any difference from Crickhowell to Green Man in the weather.

how do you know?

by the time you got to green man, maybe it had stopped raining in crickhowell...

I'm happy to stick with the weather as forecast on the BBC at the moment; putting up and taking down the tent in the dry, two days of sunny intervals and one day of rain.  Seems a fair deal.

I think i'm safe to leave the sun block at home? I'm going to bow to the inevitable and take my wellies, waterproof trews and waterproof poncho just in case

We have purchased new wellies,so if anyone needs a ladies size 6 they can have them free of charge or a mens size 9[which would be £12.99 because i bought them last week and they do not fit so i am taking them back for a refund next week.]

Never bothered before but i am tempted bt Ray Rads idea of waterproof pants---I will see what the latest forecast is in the morning.

In Manchester trousers are often called pants---and we wear underpants not undertrousers.Though if the lake is in front of the toilets at the far out stage again,incontinence pants might be an idea.

Before I set off, could anyone who's already at the site give us an idea of how wet/muddy it's looking? Apart from Saturday afternoon, the forecast doesn't look too bad now. Travelling by train, so less we have to carry the better. Will walking boots suffice, or had I best bring my wellies too?

On the site, long grass is wet though no mud (yet). Those good GM people have put down chippings and matting but will it stand up to the inch of rain forecast for Thurs night and another deluge on Sat?

It'll be fine. Saturday is forecasting less and less rain and tonight is now set to be less prolonged. Friday will dry it all up again! Get your flip flops packed!