Weather thread 2013

We're getting this godawful weather out of the way early this year then?

Looks like there's been some major development since last year. BBC weather suggests it might start turning nice by the time we head home

Monday 12 August—Sunday 18 August
Pressure builds to settle southern Britain.

Whilst the headline may offer encouragement to those in that area, it's telling in what it doesn't say. Lower pressure will sit just to the north of the British Isles, and the resultant westerly airstream will bring a mix of rain, sunny spells and showers, especially into northern and western parts.

Rainfall and temperature forecasts will err towards the disappointing whilst sunnier periods will help to keep those stats closer to the seasonal norm.

Monday 19 August—Sunday 1 September
Signs of a more dominant high for southern Britain

High pressure may well exert a greater influence across more of southern Britain, offering the hope of above average sunshine amounts for both southwest England and southern Wales. Other parts should fare well too. There is also a signal for some warmth for Northern Ireland, northeast England and eastern Scotland. Time will tell.

I told y'all, all y'all, this year is a sunny one. It's always sunny on odd years. I don't mean strange years, or slightly quirky years, I mean years which are individible by the number 2.

Hmm I seem to remember 2009 being a tad damp. They could only just light up the Green Man on the sunday night :) Still looking promissing

I can't remember any rain in 2009 - Wilco headlined on the Sunday and it was definitely dry

2010 was a different matter though - I remember jumping in puddles during Joanna Newsom and waiting for ages for the greenman to start burning


Was a bit wet on the Sunday evening, but only drizzling and not bad at all. In 2011 it was raining a touch on Thursday night then gorgeous. Just call me Rain Man.

pretty sure 2009 was famously dry and sunny

i know this because i missed that year...

as i did 2011

the other dry one

it pissed down in 2008 and 2010

hmm... maybe there's something to that odd numbers idea

That was the James Bond curse, any year ending 007 is exempt from the rule. I think I found a beautiful model who'd been forefed mud in my tent that year.

last year sunday was scorching - I distinctly remember a strappy summer dress, loads of sun block and big boots and a full-on splat in the mud running for Ghostpoet (helped up like a proper gran by some teenagers) anything can happen - rain, not-rain, rain, sun, rain....and repeat sounds most likely


I've a photo of my 2 boys with Ghostpoet taken after his set last year. It is indeed warm and sunny but over their shoulders all you can see is brown! Mud all around, not a blade of grass to be seen! 

Incidentally Ghostpoet was an absolute gent. We nabbed him as he was walking back towards the main stage and he stood for a photo and chatted before I realised he was balancing his takeaway meal in one hand, too polite to mention that his food was going cold! 


(Thinly veiled "I met Ghostpoet" post!) 

none of those photobucket links seems to work

but we do now know that your secret identity is 'adam spiby'


did you not read the internet superhero handbook?

Agreed, it doesn't look too clever at present.  Plenty of time for the forecast to change.  Its going to rain (its the Brecon Beacons in August), just a question of how much; I'd settle for yesterday's forecast - rain on the Thursday.  My logic after last year still stands - it can't get that wet and muddy two years running

The ground on-site should be relatively dry as the weather on the run-up has been pretty solid. 

I'm choosing to keep the faith, it will be mostly dry and at times sunny with the odd shower to keep the grass green and the mud brown.

the first part of mr gibbs asessment above is the most important one

even if it pisses down on us while we're there, it hasn't been pissing down for the last few weeks

so it shouldn't become the three foot quagmire of previous instances


"sunshine and showers intertwined with some more prolonged spells of rain at times"

I think it'll be relatively OK. Agree about the fact that the ground hasn't been subjected to three weeks of heavy rain already should make it fairly firm underfoot. A big bonus if it's perfectly suitable for walking boots rather than wellies, and as it looks like mostly light rain showers there hopefully won't be an extensve water feature inside the Far Out tent this year

Ah yes, the guy from Islet jumped face first into that puddle. Walking boots for me, met office saying 40% chance of precipitation so a greater chance of being dry...maybe

nice idea...

but i think that giant lake appeared from the edges in, rather than because the tent itself leaked much (they always seem to leak a bit)

it is a nice shiny new tent though!

When I looked at the Crickhowell forecast this morning it had sunshine and showers Thursday then dry/white cloud, now it says showers every day grrr. No doubt it'll change a dozen times before Thursday but yes, it has been mainly dry so the ground should be firm

It's changed again. Now it says only a few spots of rain in Saturday and dry all weekend. It also says lightening on Thursday. 

Hope you don't have the tallest tent!

I don't mind a bit of rain, I don't mind being a bit cold. It is the knee deep mud that is depressing :(

Here's hoping the recent dry weather will stop the quagmire developing.

Hmm, it seems to be a deteriorating picture, I'm not going to let it get me long as I can get our tent up in a dry spell... hey, sod it!

If it's any comfort it seems to have been a variation on 'sunshine and showers' for the last couple of weeks. Mainly it's been a bit dull and overcast, but not much solid, tamping down, soaked to the skin, all day 'Lord take me now' type rain. So I remain hopeful of it being heavy showers at worst.

I'll be wearing socks and pants, jeans, t-shirt, hoody with a zip down the front, boots and I'll have a kag in a bag clipped to my side most like. If it rains I'll take the 'kag' out of the 'bag' and put it on.

If you see me feel free to buy me a beer, but please don't make eye contact. Just approach me slowly, put the beer were I can see it, then back away. No cider please.