Weather 2019

Normal service resumed today!



Wellies, raincoats are essential this year - it will be muddy underfoot.

It's raining here now and forecast to continue for most of the day, with more on Friday. 

River level is higher than last year and faster flowing.

Settlement is really busy and the loos are working hard... at the risk of sounding a little indelicate - bring your own loo roll.

Some great music from Cambrian Records curated stage in the Hurly Burly tent... Jim Ghedi, David Ian Roberts and Duski.

See you lot soon x


On my way shortly,earlier than expected,but worried the roads leaving our village will be flooded if we don't leave soon.And what ever the weather there is nowhere else I'd rather be going.Hopefully see some of you in the pub later.

Procrastination levels high here.... looks like the weather forecasters have all converged on the opinion that it'll rain much of today and most of Friday, and we'll get some random (possibly heavy) showers at other unpredictable times. Which is what Metcheck have been saying for over a week. 

Hoping it'll be nice tomorrow and Saturday/Sunday to help things dry out (was it 2009ish  that there was a fair bit of rain but finished with baking sun?)

It's been really nice so far, but 95+% likelihood of rain from 10 - 7 tomorrow, allegedly. Refusing to believe it myself.


Disappointed that D Jones and Bridget are doing Green Man sessions (space looks much bigger) but clashing with Pete Brown. Much less disappointed that the Wedding Present are now topping the bill in the Far Out tonight. 

A dental emergency and some painful surgery this morning have kept me away at the last minute, gutted. Off to stand in the garden in the rain with my headphones in to replicate the experience. No booze needed as the painkillers I've been given are producing a nice little buzz.

thats the year I remember as the worst weather/mud

how does it compare this year? Weather forecast looks ok for the remainder - hope it’s drying out 

I would say that the rain that fell yesterday was equivalent to the entire weekend in 2012. The site is a swamp but the one saving grace is that there is no more proper rain forecast and it's sunny today so it should recover.

Nah - first couple of hours afternoon 2012 were absolutely insane. And the mud this year hasn’t got close to that year. Yesterday was relentless but with the prospect of better days to come it was tolerable. I’ve seen far worse at Green man 

Another day like Friday would have made things pretty awful, but the better than forecast weather on Saturday was a big boost. Few showers today shouldn't hurt too much.

Wow. All the weather. Who knew we would get it all. Watch the weather. WATCH IT! ITS GONNA MOVE! THERE IT GOES! MOVING OVER. INEVITABLY REPLACED BY MORE OF THE SHITTING STUFF! FUCK IT ALL!!!


(talking about the weather is boring, innit)