About half the bands I saw all weekend had some really good visuals. I think the Black Angels' backdrop might still be affecting my vision. As recently as last year, you'd see maybe 2 or 3 bands doing it all weekend. 

Why? Is it fashion? Coincidence? Is technology making it easier? Did the festival encourage it? Are there lots of artists desperate to do them for bands? 

It's like how last year everyone seemed to suddenly have a saxophone in their band.

Visuals > Saxaphones.

Maybe bands realised this too! Agree with Black Angels visuals though, some very good stuff going on!

This seemed particularly so for the Far Out stage.  was there an investmen5 in the technology to provide this for the excellent PSB set and then GM was able to make it available for all the other bands appear8ng.  Certainly a big improvement on the small tv screens that PSB were using when they appeared in the walled garden.

Really good work on the Far Out tent video. I'd initially thought some of the psychedelic effects belonged to a single band, but a lot of it must have been whoever was working them through the day.

It's a shame they ditched the outdoor screen after Thursday. A lot of people were still watching from outside across the weekend.

Hey so glad you liked the Far Out visuals!

in typical Green Man style the A/V in Far Out is the result of investment in people, rather than equipment. It‘s a basic set up really- three fairly ancient cameras, tripods, a vision mixer, a couple of projectors and screens, and a lot of love.

The Video guy from Black Angels and BJM borrowed a camera from me and worked with the av team to produce the images. He was most cool and a joy to work with.

Since A/V. screens were introduced in Far Out the AV has been produced through a work experience collaboration between Green Man and film students from Merthyr College, who work with the Green Man AV team. It’s a unique and amazing project, and one that I am very proud to help run.

This is one of the many things that makes Green Man a wonderful thing to be involved in.

Amazing work, well done all, never understood why bands don't visualise their live performances. I don't think it ever distracts. Once saw a guy mixing two portable dvd players at a Panda Bear gig and it was totally amazing, really added to the gig.

Keep up the great work...

Agree with all the praise above, really adds to the experience, especially when journeys between stages mean that you're not quite as close to the front as you might prefer.  Great that the people mixing the live camera feeds have a more democratic approach than some of the bandleaders too!  The close-ups of 'the other' members of War On Drugs, especially the drummer - what a shift he put in! - were far prefereable to endless images of Adam 'write the feem choon, sing the feem choon' Granduciel as he launched into yet another solo and failed to acknowledge the rest of the band until the very end.


Why did they take down the external screen at the Far Out?

"Why did they take down the external screen at the Far Out?"

i spent much of the weekend confidentally telling people that it was because those screens were used in the walled garden

only to eventually notice that there were no screens in the walled garden...

Really do not know where the big screen goes after Thursday (unless they have to return it to Rumbelows before the free trial period expires).  Seeing as how ramped the far out gets throughout the weekend, would be a good idea to keep the screen up, unless there are other plans to make the t3nt more accessibl.