Travel question

I'm coming to the festival with my 12 year old, it's our first time. We are travelling from France, but we will be staying with relatives near Bristol immediately beforehand. We've been offered a lift to the festival site (from someone who is not attending the festival) but I'm guessing that it will be impossible to get access without a car park ticket. Would we be better off booking the coach from Bristol?

Thanks :)

Not strictly keeping to the original question. However, all about travel, from carpark to camping area. Having been a casualty from Glastonbury with the obligatory 1 Hr trek to a suitable camping area I would like to know how long the trek from the car park to GM's Camp site is?

Many thanks and getting all excited... me and my PAL's first GM!



Thank you, saves us the coach fare!

On a related note, has anyone used the rental tents (hotel bell or tangerine fields)? Are they any good? We will be flying Ryanair so packing tent + sleeping bags is not an option. Could buy locally I suppose but seems a bit of a waste.

Relatively short trip from car parking to camping, especially family camping. Longer going back uphill in the mud on Monday though.

I've used Tangerine Fields before now. They're fine. Sleeping bags aren't that great, but do the job if your limited in what you can carry