Top 6 - five is never enough!

Tough as ever, but for me (in chronological order):

Phil Cook - so laidback and cool, amazing set

Miracle Legion - surprise of weekend (Ms Church excepted), off to buy entire back catalogue now

Yorkston Thorne Khan - totally mesmerising

Kevin Morby - loved Woods, but he smashed it in Far Out & his band were on fire

Malcolm Middleton - always entertaining, Red Travelling Socks was a highlight

Belle and Sebastian - such a fun way to finish the weekend (gutted i missed Grandaddy though)

Also, honourable mention goes to the voice of an angel Charlotte Church - mouth like an Irish Navvy and a set list that got the crowd bouncing like loons at 2am!


Three of those on my list.

Joan Shelley

Phil Cook

Meilyr Jones

Kevin Morby

Miracle Legion

and Yorkston, Thorne, Khan because six is never enough.


Couple on mine too .....

Michael Rother

Kamasi Washington

White Denim

Joan Shelley

Juliana Barwick

Phil Cook And The Guitar Heels


Miracle Legion

Jagwar Ma


Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Palace Winter

Ezra Furman

King Gizzard

Phil Cook

Kamasi Washington

White Denim

Ezra Furman

Yorkston Thorne Khan

Tindersticks - agree 6 is never enough

Tricky, but probably....

Floating Points

Phil Cook and the Guitarheels

Ryley Walker in the Rough Trade tent

John Shuttleworth

Joan Shelley and Nathan Salsburg



Cavern of Anti Matter

Black Peaches

Ezra Furman

The Besnard Lakes

Jagwar Ma

Limiting this to five (six) is really tough though as some epic other sets too.

So many good sets but for me (in no particular order)...

Grandaddy (obviously)

White Denim

Songhuy Blues

Kamasi Washington

Pictish Trail

Joan Shelley

Honourable mentions to Malcolm Middleton, Cavern of Anti Matter, Whitney, All Them Witches, Cate Le Bon, Slow Club and many more...

Very difficult to rank so many great performances but I'll have a go, although it'll also have to be seven:

7. Meilyr Jones - Wonderfully quirky and unique music and performance. The second Walled Garden set was particularly rewarding

6. Jason Isbell - Makes you want to jump in the pick-up and drive out to Turner Field.

5. Joan Shelley & Nathan Salsburg - Just sublime

4. Pictish Trail - No one can capture the essence of Green Man as well as Johnny

3. Kamasi Washington - A wall of sonic supremacy that was worth the long wait (and the consequent irritation of missing HMS Morris)

2. Grandaddy - Biggest surprise as I'd only selected them as the 'least worst' Sunday night headliner. A beautiful understated performance that was the perfect wind down after Ezra. I've never seen so many people wiping their eyes at a concert.

1. Ezra Furman & The Boyfriends - After all my promotion I was terrified that something would go wrong but I needn't have worried. I've seen them more times than any other artist but that one was the best. I'd already booked the Cardiff show in October but the first thing I did when I got home yesterday was book a ticket for the Roundhouse gig the night after.



so glad you're coming into the smoke for the halloween show, peridot

will make up for barely seeing you at GM this year

I don't know why I ever thought I could stay away ... especially with that support act :)

Yeah, sorry to have missed you afterwards, I was indeed having far too good a time. 

Will see you at Roy Harper and Stars of the Lid, if not before then.

Mine would probably be:

Floating Points

Julianna Barwick

The Unthanks

The Moonlandingz

Belle & Sebastian / Grandaddy - had to see half of each, I was torn between which to watch - both great!

Songhoy Blues

Kevin Morby

Daniel Norgren

Miracle Legion




(Any other year Jason Isbell, Malcolm Middleton, Unthanks, Sam Lee, Aidan Moffat ...  would've made top 6)

Shit, I've just realised what a magnificent line-up that was!

Filtered from my previous top 10:

Baba Naga

Black Peaches

Cavern of Anti-Matter

Ezra Furman

Miracle Legion

Phil Cook and the Guitarheels

King Gizzard,

White Denim,

Jagwar Ma,

Cate Le Bon,

Ezra Furman,


Special mentions - Palace Winter, Fews, Michael Rother, Kevin Morby and the "secret" Ezra show in Round the Bend bar. Wasn't expecting much from James Blake or B&S but both really impressed.

Thought the festival was brilliant this year, with the new Far Out tent great and thankfully the weather not too bad.

In no particular order:

Battles, Steven James Adams, John Shuttleworth, Ezra Furman, Grandaddy, Happy Meal Ltd (for, it has to be said, the enthusiasm and the spectacle rather than the quality of their music).


In the order they played:


King Gizzard (life-changing)

Jagwar Ma (life-affirming)

Fat White Family (brooding and brilliant)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra (entertaining)

Ezra Furman (sensational)

Belle and Sebastian (just perfect)


jagwar ma

white fat family

white denim


meilyr jones

belle and sebastian


For me:

Kamasi Washington

Urban Folk Quartet

Will Varley

The Unthanks

Ezra Furman (although the sound was poor, at least where I was standing - you could hardly hear the sax at all. Hoping for better at the Cardiff show in October)

Joan Shelley

Although I could happily add B&S, Sam Lee, Songhoy Blues, The Magnetic North and Shelanagig to the list.

  1. Meilyr Jones (Walled Garden set)
  2. Tindersticks
  3. Black Peaches
  4. Kiran Leonard
  5. Malcolm Middleton 
  6. Charlotte Church's Late Night Pop Dungeon

My list is very skewed towards the Walled Garden because I was compering & DJ'ing there on the Friday and the Sunday. Bought most recent albums from 2-5 since returning home.

Steven James Adams just misses out, possibly because he blew out a radio session. I'm sure he had good reason.

And a very fine job you did sir ... thank you for that.

I have to say I found SJA to be a little disappointing and patchy. He was certainly good, just didn't quite live up to my high expectations.

Joan Shelley and Nathan Salsburg
Jason Isbell
All them Witches
Michael Rother

Far Out biased because that's where I was. Could compile a list twice that length of people I missed, especially Meilyr Jones and people on the Rising stage.
Didn't realise you were a forum person Mr Walton

Wish I'd known you were there for Joan and Nathan, I'd have come and given you a hug. They were bloody lovely weren't they? My top set too. Got some great pictures some of which may make it to my Facebook page.

It seems there were quite a number of us there for Joan, but I never noticed anyone either.

Shows how enthralled we were by the performance.

I've been lurking here and reading posts for the last 5 or 6 years... I kept forgetting my log-in & passoword, though.

Set up a new account because it helps with the post festival comedown, somehow.


you have consistently been playing my record collection between the bands in the WG for several years now!

keep meaning to introduce myself

and ask for it back

Sorry Ray. Can we have an amnesty next year and I'll return everything I've inadvertently stolen off you?

I forgot Michael Rother in my original list. I only saw 2 songs, Harmonia's 'Dino' and some Neu! I only half recognised, but they sounded great. They looked somewhat taken aback by the response.  

My favourite set, it was fantastic. On the 2016 thread there's comment about how different acts react to the crowd at GM, Rother and his drummer seemed genuinely taken aback by the audience response

We only managed one day of the festival due to my daughter falling ill on Friday evening and spending much of Saturday in the medical tent :( Gutted to have missed Ezra Furman.

Jason Isbell was great, and we really enjoyed Palace Winter.


Really sorry to hear that mistigri, especially considering the effort you have to make to get there.

There have been numerous reports of illness, I wonder if it's coincidence or some common cause.


Yes, better now. Medics and Green Man staff were great, which made things a little easier. And she got a signed Jason Isbell CD, and met a forum member who had stayed in the Super 8 motel, so she will have some positive memories of GM2016!