Top 5s!

What a great weekend! Thanks Green Man!

To rekindle something we did a few years ago: Put your top 5 acts in order by next Monday and I'll compile them into overall results to see who wins the Green Man Forum award. No prizes, it's just for fun.

I'm now going to spend the rest of my way home deciding on my nominations....

Fleet Foxes

Courtney Marie Andrews


Sweet Baboo 

and for dragging me kicking and screaming out of my Sunday afternoon lethargy ...

The Monster Ceilidh Band

My top 5

King Gizzard 

Opening with AC/DC was a bold move and they more than lived up to it; psych-freak out in the most enjoyable way...tons of fun.

John Grant

The man shoud‘ve headlined Saturday, commanded it. 

Bo Ningen

Intergalactic, mesmerising, theatric and they crushed it. 

Xylouris White

Previous commenter summed it up, Sunday afternoon lying in the sun dappled Mountain Stage while being treated to the most incredible musical schooling. Jim White’s drumming is next level. Hard to fathom that two guys can make such a full and glorious sound.

 Baxter Dury

Spilt red wine, economic yet lush keys and a sense of menace. There were lush and sublime moments along with a sense of thinga about to kick off - loved them. 

Honourable mentions to Boy Azooga, Wedding Present, Joan As Policewoman, Cate Le Bon  

Fleet Foxes just didn’t do it for me, they lost me about halfway through the first song...seemed over engineered. Dirty Projectors - great band but I couldn’t take to the front man for some inexplicable reason...

Absolutely amazing weekend-great people, great music and food and the incomparable location.





1. The Wedding Present I'd seen them twice before and knew they'd be good but they were so much better than good. For me a near-perfect setlist and a near-perfect atmosphere. Even a seasoned campaigner like Gedgie seemed genuinely delighted with the gig. Big credit to GM for booking them as last minute replacements even though the weekend was a sellout and big credit to the band for insisting in playing the maximum time allocation. They threw in 2 extra songs to the setlist to make sure we got the full 60 minutes (btw I'm taking the credit for the addition of "Heather")

2. Seamus Fogarty  a beautiful, engaging and witty set. 

3. Courtney Marie Andrews WHAT A VOICE!! An absolutely stunning performance. I think it was Ray who had praised her on this forum many weeks ago and I had the pleasure of thanking him for the recommendation directly afterwards whilst still experiencing post-gig buzz

4. Juanita Stein Great from start to finish, particularly the new songs. Loved how she dealt with an over-zealous fan. "Juanita you're a legend" to which she replied "Really? I haven't done that much!"

Baxter Dury  I took a punt as there was nothing else I fancied at that time. Found his stage persona charismatic and engaging with a lot of tongue in cheek humour. "I'm from Wales! ..."


Honorable mentions to Kevin Morby and Public Service Broadcasting, both of whom could have had the honour and distinction of making my top five if it weren't for FUCKIN' GIG-TALKERS. 


Thanks for Heather :)

On the PSB gig talkers- the one where Apollo gets lost behind the moon and all goes quiet while we wait to find out if they're okay? I actually started to feel a bit of tension and emotion there, and then the woman behind me went "WOOOOOO!!! YEEEAAAHHH!"

Mine were....

1.  King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizzard

2.  Phoebe Bridgers

3.  Dirty Projectors

4.  The Monster Ceilidh Band

5.  Föllakzoid

Tough call, but three of mine followed in quick succession on Saturday afternoon; namely Nubya Garcia, Courtney Marie Andrews, and Bo Ningen. Might well have been four with Boy Azooga, had I not been queuing to get a signed copy of Viv Albertine’s book as a surprise Christmas gift for Mrs W. I love the fact they were all so different too, reflecting just how diverse the line-up is. Think my other two were Grizzly Bear and Marlon Williams, with honourable mentions going to BJM and my Rising stars Hungry Ghosts. Overall a very enjoyable year, with the weather really coming up trumps too. Right, is it time to start drawing up lists of who we’d like to see in 2019 yet?

Hang on, I’ve just realised I left out Rolling Blackouts CF. Bugger. 

In order of excellence:

1.  Public Service Broadcasting (the male voice choir was inspired - they stopped everyone chatting. It’s a shame Lisa Jen Brown wasn’t able to stop it for You + Me, her voice is as beautiful as the song.  Chatting through it was just damned rude.).

2.  Teleman - I hope they never move them to the Mountain Stage, they seem to be outgrowing Far Out but it wouldn’t suit

3.  The Wedding Present - simply for mentioning Girls at our Best and playing Getting Nowhere Fast, but they’d have probably made the list anyway

4.  The Lovely Eggs - want to hear more of them

5.  Beak> - much, much better than I expected - great banter as well as music

I would have added John Grant - he was fabulous as ever, especially with Budgie on drums, but he was a bit flat at times and I don’t think he really suits such a big, outside arena.  Special mention to Boy Azooga - hope they go far, they played so well and looked so thrilled by the crowd.

The Far Out tent is just simply the best place to be.

as no one has mentioned (I don’t think they have) one of mine I’m going with

1. tuung (perfect end to a perfect festival) 

2. Goat girl (why are they not mentioned more here? - scarily Young but great)

3. John Grant (not my thing, he converted me

4. PSB (seen them lots of times and had there been anything else on I would have done that. Best set they’ve done by a long way)

5. Simian mobile disco, loved the choir  

my honourable mention goes to the beer and band pairing (as recommended on this forum- thanks!). Such a fun way to kick things off.

It was my first GM and it Was fab, I’ll be back ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks for the 35 responses so far, naming 61 acts in total. Remember you've got till next Monday to cast your vote. And please do order them if you can.

I'm not going to do a spoiler, but there are a few names clearly coming up more than the rest so far, and a couple of names in the top 5 I'm quite surprised by.

1, Black Angels

2. KVB

3.Snapped Ankles

4.King Tuff


Also enjoyed Hungry Ghosts,Lovely Eggs,Follakzoid,John GrantMarlon Williams,

Here's mine:

1.Lovely Eggs
2.Stella Donnelly
3.Bo Ningen
4.John Grant
5.Goat Girl

Also enjoyed Grizzly Bear, Seamus Fogarty, Haley Heynderickx (despite the guitar), Cate Le Bon and Ed Dowie

And here's the top 20. If you want the full spreadsheet, drop in your email address in response (remembering to add in a random thing to stop you getting spam).

There were 38 responses, naming 63 different acts.

In ascending order:

20. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

19. Seamus Fogarty

18. Brian Jonestown Massacre

17. Grizzly Bear

16. Baxter Dury

15. Boy Azooga

14, Tunng

13. Black Angels

12. Phoebe Bridgers

11. The Lovely Eggs

10. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard (best on Friday)

9. Bo Ningen

8. Public Service Broadcasting (best on Thursday)

7. Fleet Foxes (Best headliners)

6. Stella Donnelly (Best in the Walled Garden)

5. Teleman

4. John Grant

3. Teenage Fanclub 

2. Courtney Marie Andrews (Best on the mountain stage, best on Saturday)

1. Wedding Present.

So there you have it. I have to say that even though I thought they were brilliant myself, I'm surprised at the winners. I think I'm right in saying that Izo Fitzroy "won" Chai Wallahs and Black Midi won the rising stage.

Interesting that 10 of the 20 were in the Far Out Tent, so if you spend a lot of time there like I tend to, you'll have seen a lot. I reckon I saw 11 and a half of the 20.

inc two of the top five (who both made it into my own top five)



Looks like I missed the cut - never mind. Looking at the Top 20 and my list I was at a different festival :D

1. Snapped Ankles

2. The Lovely Eggs

3. Beak>

4. Phobophobes

5. Viv Albertine

out of our forumthen,hadn't you?

good to see that diversity reigns. I didnt catch a single one of those 5....


Me too.

Love the new album.

They were one of my short list of must-sees too... dunno what happened there.