Tindersticks playing

 I hope that they are playing but don't count your chickens...........I was excited that Bellowhead were playing according to their website but that announcement quietly disappeared


Mr D

 Tindersticks, Mumfords, Laura Marling, Tallest Man on Earth........ positively the best day's announcement ever!

If they could only sneak The Avett Brothers in as well this will be just the perfect festival.

 Tindersticks, Laura Marling, Erfterklang and Besnard Lakes, actually fantastic news. Surely this announcement has made up for the overall disappointment of the Doves?

Tindersticks are one of those bands that has passed me by though I hear a lot of good things about them. Anyone recommend which album I should start my T'sticks education with?

The first two albums are absolute nailed on classics.

I've not seen them play live for years - but back in the nineties - some of their full orchestral gigs stand out some of the best live experiences i've ever had.

Will be great to re-visit those times again.  Good work GM.


Just logged on and seen that Tindersticks are playing - unbelieveable!! Their 1st album - 'Tindersticks' is my all time no.1 album and a must for anyone who hasn't heard any of their stuff. If you can listen to 'Raindrops' without the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end, then you need to check you have a pulse...now just need to buy a ticket. Can you buy a ticket for the one day or do you have to do the whole thing? Cheers, Tinderboy..