Still after a ticket (or 2) so can you let me know if anyone's selling any, i'm set up on Twickets and Fanticks but so far no joy, anyway keep me in mind please people.

A Little Otter x

I think that there will be a rush of ticket resales when folk actually receive their ticket emails.

Hang in there, a little otter.

Still struggling to actually get a ticket off Fanticks or Twickets but at least i have a 3 course menu to peruse, pumpkin oil and rose petals, what has happened to us?

Are you still looking for ticket? I thought you'd found some a while back? I know someone who has a couple of tickets he can't use available for face value. 

Yes, I'll definitely take those, they are for my brother,let us know the details and we'll get something arranged.


Let me have your email address and I'll pass it on to the person I know with the tickets. His name is David Pinnell. Have a brood of new born puppies in the house which is the reason they can no longer go! You can DM me on the unofficial site with details if you prefer. 

Not sure what the thinking is behind that. If I wanted a fancy taster menu meal I'd more likely go to a restaurant rather than miss a whole evening's entertainment at a festival I've already paid for. 

I assume they saw what they did at Latitude, saw that it did well (im speaking anacdotally. I didnt go) and thought we could do that too. Course.....the area Latitude used was where a whole stage was. That stage disappeared. One hopes that doesnt happen....

I think its shit, IMO. But if you are gonna spend £65 of a set menu thing, good luck to you. And.....can I 'borrow' a few quid?



I usually rationalise it with "Well those people are helping to pay for the bands I want to see" and has Ray has suggested, anyone who chooses a meal over a Frazey Ford gig is probably a feckin gig-talker anyway.


(and IF they are actually a gig-talker I hope they get food-poisoning)

Wakestock, just to let you know my brother has just bought two tickets off Fanticks as he had entered a state of panic, cheers for thinking of us.

little otter

No worries. I did manage to decipher it and passed it on yesterday but he was clearly too slow off the mark! Ah well, that's downtown him. Glad to hear your brother sorted tickets anyway. Looks like there were quite a few floating around today once people received the e-tickets. 

the ticket dance continues... currently available are

1 x Adult settler pass

1 x Adult Weekend ticket

1 x Coach ticket for 09:50 coach from Bristol


Still prefer to sell through here rather than ticketline (Fanticks) or twickets making more £'s than they already do out of us.

Tickets can be posted secure delivery (staffop can provide references for me) or my friend (who's also settling) can meet on site with the settlers pass and I can meet on site (from Wednesday) with the weekend ticket.

A friend's son is selling two tickets if anyone knows of anyone who still needs tickets? I've already suggested he might try Fanticks.