Ticketline payment

Is it possible to update my payment details on ticketline in advance of the purchase tomorrow ?

My existing registered card is no longer valid.

My account was linked to a now defunct email address and it won't let me change it. Literally everything about Ticketline is shit. 

what happens if you delete the existing (expired) card in your account?

it doesn't offer you the chance to enter another?

(sorry - sure you've tried this already...)

Ticketline are rubbish! My account has my old address on it but there doesn't seem to be any way to change it. I've had to set up a new account using my work email address. Should have looked into this earlier I suppose!

Every fucking year!!

Same problem not letting me change address. Tried creating a new account but told me email address was in use when I know for certain it's never been linked to a Ticketline account. Sorted now but why must the experience be so awful?


you have to wonder if tickline have some kind of compromat on GM

like all those republican senators who hated trump but then suddenly couldn't stop praising him

ticketline must know where GM's bodies are buried