Ticket swap: My settlers for your adult + face value difference

I have a settlers/festival pass & parking ticket which I am now unable to use, but I'm still going for the weekend.  If you'd like to spend the whole of next week sitting in a field, wandering aimlessly up a mountain or just drowning your limited sorrows in pint after pint of Butty Bach but can't, because the tickets are sold out, then now's your chance.  I propose a swap of my settlers package for a standard adult festival ticket plus the face value difference in price, which is £115(settlers) + £15(parking) + £8 (booking fee) = £138.

I work in central Cardiff, so if you could arrange to meet me there during the day or in CF14 in the evening, then that would be grand.

Sorry, non-Cardiffians, it's too late to get this done by post.