Thinking about this year's meet-up

With four weeks to go and excitement mounting, I reckon it's time to plan this year's forum meet-up.

For me, the opportunity to catch-up with old friends and make some new ones has always been a highlight of the Thursday evening, and I've tended to see the Thursday evening musical offerings, other than the headliner, as less important.

However with the Lost Map shindig this year, I imagine the Far Out tent's offerings will take on a greater significance for many of us.

We've tended to go for the Walled Garden bar in recent years to keep away from the very busy Far Out area and have a bit more room, but I'm wondering if it might be better to go for the End Up bar area this year to be a bit closer to the glittery action?

What do people think? 

The other option would be to arrange the meet for a different day/time but I think Thursday evening is still the most practical option overall. 

Happy with either--not overly bothered about anyone on the Thursday though i have not had chance to listen to any Ed Dowie yet who i think is one of your tips.

End Up sounds good. I intend seeing Ed Dowie and Pictish Trail, suspect there might be some enthusiasm in my party for Public Service Broadcasting.

I think it will be totally rammed, but also worth the effort getting in there. 

They've really scaled up their show since the last GM appearances.

Yep, End Up sounds good to me, there's a fair few I'd like to see. Looking forward to it! 

you could draw the heat

at least for a moment

obvs, compared to the overpowering sexual heft of my tumbling tresses, that wig's fooling no one for long

See you at the End Up bar then.

Off to Ireland in search of rain on Suday, acclimatisation for GM.

Was the pain of the procedure worth it, Ray?... Seems like a lot of bother for incremental change.


Sounds like a general 'Aye' to the End Up as the location.

I'll stick the usual thread up at the weekend. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.