Things that could be improved

I'll start by saying I thoroughly enjoyed this year's festival, as I have all the ones I've attended - I've been more years than not since 2006. So I am big fan and am not trying to be critical. But even something as great as Green Man can't be perfect, and there are a few areas which I think need some attention to make it even better, which are mostly practical issues and not that important. I also appreciate there are finite resources and putting them into one thing means taking them away elsewhere, but here goes.

1) When we arrived we had to queue for wristbands for about an hour, which was a bit of a bummer. Then when we went on to the campsite nobody actually checked we had wristbands, so we could have gone and set up camp and come back to the box office later. Some communication on this would have been nice.

2) The toilets were checked and refreshed regularly, which is great, but there just weren't enough in the campsite, meaning queues pretty early in the morning. More generally I think the number of people has reached the realistic limit for the site - though the infrastructure for dealing with rain and mud has got much better over the years.

3) The sound in the Far Our Tent was terrible. I know Idles were very angry but I don't quite know why as I could understand very few words. Maybe I'm just getting old and my hearing is getting worse. Sound wasn't great in the Babbling Tongues tent either, and sometimes loud music from elsewhere interfered with performances both there and in the Cinema Tent.

4) I mentioned this on another thread, but while having a range of high quality soft drinks in the bars is great £2.50 for a tiny can of pop is just a rip-off.


For some reason live-in vehicle campers weren't issued with their wristbands on entry this year. Perhaps this was to speed up entry off the main road but it was one of the factors putting extra pressure on the other areas later. Having a wristband exchange kiosk in the live-in area, even if it's not done on entry would help next year.

For the bands I saw in Far Out the sound was mostly pretty decent, but I've seen a couple of mentions of bad sound in there.

For Car Seat Headrest in particular I thought it was ace, apart from for the first song, which is understandable.