Is there a shop in Settlers?


My usual routine at festivals is to buy a fresh pint of milk either on my way back to the tent the night before or early the following morning, for my lovely soothing cup of tea. My elixir. My healing potion. My life. HOWEVER......we are doing settlers this year. there a 'shop' where I can still get lovely, lovely milk? Or am I gonna have to have the yucky UHT/Almond/Soya variety? OR walk half an hour to a Crickhowell shop? OR invest in a very good cool box just for a pint of bloddy milk?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. x

For the whole week? OR just the main weekend? (Apologies. need clarification. I CANNOT underestimate how much I need my morning tea.....)

The butcher was onsite for the settlers days last year selling fresh produce.  Then left when main festival started, but by then there was a general store at the main entrance to get milk and bread etc

Or you can do your bit for the planet and take Oat Milk.  It was my new year resolution to cut out dairy as much as possible and, you know what, it tastes all right (unlike soya milk. Urrrgghhh)

I freeze a carton of milk and put it in the cool box.

Keeps for 2 or 3 days.

I believe you can do the same with bags of white wine out of wine boxes.