Is there a ‘please god no’ list for 2020?

Can I kick us off with Fontaine's DC?

and Bill Fay?


I'm with you on Fontaines DC (but would not be in the slightest bit surprised to see them as headliners in the Far Out) but what's wrong with Bill Fay?

Less indie-rock, more folk/psych/Americana please

They actually WOULD be on our list of thinsg to enjoy in 2020, no?

Bill Fay (old and new) = a bit over-earnest and not quite up there, for me. Hey I guess we are alll entitled to an opinion.

If Future Islands come back I am selling my ticket. 

I guess i was listening over the weekend to some Bill Fay (old and new) and thought 'actually this doesnt quite do it for me'. So when I saw his name on a list of those who people may like to see, I took umbrage. That fucking song about Adolf is really annoying though, isnt it?

i wouldn't put it on at a wedding

(not until at least three in the morning, anyway, when we were deep into the good brandy)

but it's depressing more in its topicality than anything, despite coming out in 1971

I just down think it's any good!

"christ or hitler, that's the choice, that's the choice..."


fair enough

it's a tricky parse outside of the context of the whole album

which has all sorts of biblical imagery and second coming allusions

'christ or vorster' he says at one point too

john vortser being prime minister of south africa at the time

anyway - we can't all like everything!

though you're right that we should all dislike those shouty irish blokes


that would definitely put a different spin on it!

It seems my wish-list will upset some people then :)

I doubt there'll be much agreement on this thread, although Future Islands may garner significant support.

For me it's Mac Demarco mainly because the idiot quotient amongst the crowd seems to be much higher when he plays any festival. 

Clearly no love on here but Fontaine's DC were tremendous at Rockaway Beach on Sunday and Jesus and Mary Chain were as good as ever on Saturday.Of the new bands Sweet Release of Death and Indian Queens have great potential.

Plenty of love for the Fontaines here

I look forward to checking out those two recommendations, you've never let me down yet.

The intensity and ferocity of Fontaines live is something to behold.Sweet Release of Death are really a live experience--a sonic wall of noise.

I was beginning to think I might be the only one here who quite likes Fontaines DC. I’d be quite happy to see them play this year. Talking of this year’s lineup, I assume we can expect news in around a fortnight? Usually late January isn’t it?

Looking back on the forum, it was on the 29th January last year when Ray announced the winner of first announcement bingo, with a much valued prize of a lock of hair and tub of toenail clippings.  

What will he donate as a prize this year?  I am hoping for belly button fluff as my sleeping bag is getting a bit flat and needs fluffing up. 

last year's prize remains bafflingly unclaimed

so will roll over for this year

now plus added mould

at least i think it's mould - i'm not getting any closer to it to check

i suppose we should start the voting on fri 24th (anything before that will be gleefully ignored)

with a cut off at midnight on the day before the first announcement

same rules - 1 point for every uk based band correctly guessed, 2 for any making it in from further afield

and, after last year's border shenanigans, i might offer 3 points for any band from the african continent

or i might not

we'll see

courtney Barnett? Nein danke

British sea power, nah

those idiots that mash up old voice recordings of pilots and air traffic and such like then press play on some boring electronic track? God yeah that's ace (not). Their name genuinely escapes me atm....

My Pubic Services will remain well covered up, and definitely not to be broadcasted.

the Public Service Broadcasting performance on the Thursday night two years ago remains one of my GM highlights.  

Just go to another stage,there are about 120 acts at GM and at best you will see 40 so will miss at least 80---does it really matter if there are a few bands you don't like.As long as the general style of the acts does not change.

It's a wind-up bph. Clearly anyone so deranged as to dislike Bristish Sea Power would be incapable of composing a coherent sentence.


Whoever it was that admitted to liking Fontaines DC... I now know how you feel. I just cannot be doing with PSB one jot. Now then, anyone for future islands? 

Gotta love dem dovies


i am trolling now. Clearly.

By way of shit GM headliners, Anyone for Van Morrison? he was abject in (I think) 2012

Really very nice, but..... I've always though that there is a hard-to-define 'not quite-ness' to his stuff, and this feels a bit the same. Sounds lovely, but some of his lyrics have a tiny whiff of cheese about them. In my humble opionon, of just me myself and I. 

It would be good to watch him after dark in the walled garden for sure

yeah - that's not unfair

his lyrics are certainly... simple

but i find his voice profoundly moving

probably in a way i wouldn't if those same songs were being sung by a man half his age

Thanks for that intel, BPH.

Cometh the hour, cometh the shit band, I suppose.

Well in that case...

Please god no Meatraffle.

Well done Elizabeth, you have united the GM community in its dislike of Meatraffle!  Perhaps you should take over from Boris in Uniting the country.

.....the new single from Meatraffle who describe their own music as "PSYCHEDELIC, SOCIALIST, UTOPIAN, DEATH RAGGA, ERRONEOUS FUNK, TRAPDOOR JAZZ, BASTARD MUSIK".

What a load of old wank.(as we say in Manchester)

Mikey, I really believe now is the time for all of us to come together and get Green Man done. We need to join together and build a new Glanusk with opportunities for gazebos and awnings alike. We shall have blue wristbands and take back control of our clashfinders, bubble guns and animal tails.... then some bollox in cod Latin....