So, the deal for coming this year was that we had to stay off-site in a proper bed (my poor neglected tent, although it's worked out quite well as we're staying for the rest of the week for a walking/snoozing holiday). However, I'm not sure I want to be ale free for the whole festival, I think that may make me die a little inside, so I'm looking at taxi options. I know there are a couple of firms around, but does anyone have experience of them and how far in advance I need to book (too late already?).

We're staying near Gilwern, which is theoretically cycleable, but as Mr T's feelings about cycling are similar to his feelings about camping I think taxis will be our only ale-related option...

You could probably get a bus there and a taxi back,Crickhowell taxis are excellent,reliable and reasonably priced,it costs £5 from Crickhowell and £9 from Llangynidr to give you an idea of prices.

Buses are a bit of a nightmare from where we are - it would take over an hour, but thanks for the recommendation!

I've been using Crickhowell Taxis to ferry me to and from the site for years and can vouch for them as above. Excellent service.