Syd Arthur

Just listening to this lot and wondering why in the name of all things reasonable they're hidden away at Chai Wallahs - should be on the main stage! Putting me in mind of Hatfield and the North and Caravan which is obviously a VERY good thing.

...or at the very least in Far-out (they are pretty far-out maan).

I caught them in Chai Wallahs last year or the year before (I forget which) and they were great. Reminded me of those late psych / early prog bands like Gong. Plus any band who can cram three references into their name (Syd Barrett, Arthur Lee and the Buddha) must have something going for them.

Isn't one of them Kate Bush's nephew or something like that? Or am I on the wrong band?

(but yeah, they're usually one of only 2 or 3 bands I've actually heard of playing chai wallah's).