Swap two weekend motorhome tickets for one settlers motorhome ticket?

Struggled to check out this year, probably through panic, and the settlers motorhome ticket that was in my basket was lost... Nightmare as all our grown up kids and grandchildren are going.  Anyway.  Now I have two motorhome weekend tickets - but want one settlers motorhome ticket instead.  Anybody want a straight swop - 2 for 1 ?  Perhaps suits someone who can't go for the settlers - then you'd have a spare to sell on - or someone who'd like to bring someone along with them in 2 vans?

Fingers crossed


Hi Heather

Know how frustrating not having the ticket you want when grand-children involved. We missed out on our usual campervan ticket and are taking two 14 yr olds with us. So, even though we don't have a settlers pass ticket to swap with you we would much appreciate if you would give us first refusal  if you find yourself with one campervan ticket to sell ??

Good luck 

Many thanks

Jackie x

Sorry Jackie I promised it to someone else first refusal early on.  Hope you find one.

Cheers Heather