super excited but needing a campervan ticket

got a campervan ticket.  not on the computer very often.. if you still need (face value plus postage from portugal) text me on 00351 912669268.  i am genuine, please dont panic if i dont get straight back! jude

 Hey Jude, don't leave me sad.....(couldn't resist)

I have just text you and await your reply, a little bit scared because your in Portugal !  I am dearly hoping you have a paypal account and you can send it signed for recorded delivery.  

thanking you muchly kind jude 

Hi all, help!

I too bought 2 tickets for the festival, ages ago (early bird tickets) but did not realise I needed to buy another ticket for our campervan and now they are sold out!

If there is any other lovely person out there that can sell me a campervan ticket I would be sooo grateful!

I can be contacted on 07901627039

Many thanks! Jan


Same deal here - we bought tickets ages ago, and *just* missed the campervan ticket. They were still available when I looked, but when I clicked through to buy, they had sold out.

I posted here on the Ticket Exchange - I was the first person to request a campervan ticket - but then Green Man closed the Ticket Exchange forum so now my pleas are lost in the ether.

Please please help. We have been searching for a live-in vehicle ticket for a few months now.



I am lucky lucky lucky, thank you so much kind Jude, my campervan ticket arrived today from portugal.


gutted about cass mcombs tho, still, bring on the fun