Sunny Settlers

Sunny Settlers 

Day 2 of glorious sunshine.

Some fantastic music last night from Toby Hay, Gareth Bonello and Climbing Trees.

Have transmitted vital info via Ray, to be viewed in the Other Place

See you all on Thursday  x



Fantastic Elizabeth ... pleased to hear it's all going well ... don't use up all of that sunshine before the rest of us get there :)

May as well use this thread...

I hope you all have a wonderful festival! Green Man is a really special thing isn't it? 

I'm stewarding this year so am setting off tomorrow.   See you down the front!!...or in a chair within the designated zones

Ah, so now we know who the chair monitor is going to be :)

Hope you have a great time Chawk ... may all your shifts be sunny.


Had a great three days wandering around the surrounding area and spending the evening at the Settlers Bar. Weather has been boiling, going to change over the weekend but as Mr rad says there is no bad weather, just bad clothing choices. We'll see all you Thursday arrivals tomorrow evening!

It's pissing down in Newport at the moment :(

I hope it brightens up tomorrow morning / afternoon so we can get set up in comfort.

After that I care not a jot what the weather does.

I think I'm just about packed, apart from all the things I wake up remembering I need during the night.

But I'll have forgotten them again by morning anyway.

Have a safe journey everyone travelling tomorrow.