Sun Kil Moon is STILL playing Green Man (as I type)

Sooooooooo, it seems that some unhappiness is befalling those planning to attend End of the Road and, it seems, Jabberwocky ATP.

Mark has pulled out of EOTR and the Jabberwocky SKM date is no longer on his website.

As it stands, the other dates, including GM seem OK. He was due to play Jabberwocky on Sunday, the day after he plays to me at Green Man. Yikes. Crikey, I hope what ever has caused these pull-outs stops there. I would be pretty darned upset were he not to be there this weekend.


I have just spent the last half hour trying to work out what the hell is going on too

There don't seem to be any pull outs at GM that I have noitced and if there were would they tell us?

So far GM 0 eotr -6  

GM date is still there on his website this morning.

Yes Ben, it would be a complete disaster if he decided not to come to GM and play to me, I would take it very personally.

It's sad to see any event go under but I can't help feeling that the choice of venue was inviting disaster.

I've been banned from playing SKM at home with the quote "Damien Jurado is bad enough but any more of that and I WILL slit my wrists" :-(

I'm further scuppered by my worst GM clash betwen him and Mariam. I'm not missing Mariam so the choice will be between the last half hour of SKM or the almost full set of Toy who I also want to see.

So many choices