Stupid qustion alert

Question 1: We have 7 people staying in 1 camper van pitch, 3 staying in the camper and 4 in a attached tent. Is this allowed?

Question 2: We will be arriving as 1 camper and 1 car, will we be able to park the car in holiday car park and rejoin our group in the camper van field?

p.s we will be arriving wednesday.



Hi belly - The informaton pages confirm that you are allowed a 4-man tent adjacent to a live-in vehicle so no problems with your proposed arrangements.

The car will need to be parked in the holiday car park as you suggest (I assume you have the correct Holiday Camping live-in vehicle ticket and a seperate holiday car park ticket for the car). It's only a short distance from the car park to the camper van field.

Assuming the holiday live-in area is the same as last year, the only slight problem you might have is that parts of it are quite sloping. If you are only arriving on the Wednesday the best pitches may be occupied with holidaymakers who have been arriving since the Monday, however I'm sure you'll find somewhere to slot in.

Have a great festival.