strand of oaks

having been deeply ambivalent about this bloke

i just heard his jason molina tribute song

and completely changed my mind

never let it be said that i do not admit when i was wrong

friday night just got better

I was the same,had a quick listen and and he didn't do anything for me,but after watching a few live tracks on youtube he has become one of the artists i have listened to most frequently over the last few weeks.

I think I've posted this before but "Daniel's Blues" is a work of genius that manages to be full of sorrow and humour simultaneously.

It's written from the point of view of Dan Ackroyd as he plots the murder of John Belushi's drug dealer !

Slugger made me see the light a few weeks back. Really looking forward to seeing them. The Walled Garden headline slot was a pleasant surprise ... I had envisaged a mid-afternoon Mountain Stage billing.

Not too upset about having to miss Hot Chip, but would have liked to see Mew in the Far Out ... hopefully there'll be a decent overlap.