Steve Mason

After that brilliant set last weekend went out and got the new album - haven't heard a better record than that this year!


It really is excellent isn't it?

I bought it soon after he was announced in the line-up for this year, it has been on constant play since, I was very impressed with the quality of his set and his voice live.

It's been my 'album of the year' since it was released and I'll be surprised if anything else shifts it into second place. 

I wish there was a bit more music with a similar level of passion around.

i'm going to have to go and listen to this, aren't i

wish his old beta band compadre and brother to KC, lone pigeon, would come and play again

I'm sad to say that I have overlooked this, I have the beta stuff on vinyl from when it was released, like mr ray I'm going to have to have a listen.

Ray, it's rare in so much as it makes you take in the whole album in one go, almost a throwback. A really well thought out and crafted record with a mix-up of styles - in short, as peridot says, the record of the year.

right - that's it

i'm off to get it now!

in return, i urge you to check out lone pigeon's 'schoozzzmmii'

giving all ex-betas a fair crack of the whip

Just bumping this one to highlight the fact that earlier this month an 81-track 6-CD collecton of Beta Band material was released under the title of 'The Regal Years (1997-2004)'.

It's available for a ridiculously cheap price so go and buy it.


I did pick up a copy of 'schoozzzmmii' ray-rad, but mine seemed to be missing the little packet of substances that are obviously required to enjoy it to the full.

I do however find myself returning to it more often than I might have expected - it's certainly an interesting production.