start time for thursday

Hi, just wondering if you're allowed to say what time thingsare kicking off on Thursday please? Really don't want to miss Money but have a long way to travel and 2 teenagers to drag out of bed on Thursday morning. Oh, and A level results to collect on the way. (Theirs, not mine)

Ahhh, seen a parallel thread about Money - is 7 o'clock (ish) a realistic estimate please Walter?

Pretty please?

With Bonio, or selected canine snack of your choice???

C'mon Walter - play fair and give us the Thursday stage times. It's not going to make any difference to programme sales and will folks' arrangements for the day a lot less stressful.

They have just said We are animal start at 4.30 on Thursday,which probably means Money are third on if they are starting at 7pm.

Thanks for that, perhaps I can stick to the speed limit after all...don't know too much about them, it was one of my daughters who put me on to them and I really liked what I heard, so fingers crossed.


Thanks again blackpumpkinhead

Excellent, thanks ray and Walter...can plan Thursday evening now, I'm glad Patti is on earlier; I often miss the later spots because the kids are too tired to last out and I really want them to see her set.

As a friend of Dorothy i really want to see MONEY cos they like the gays and I saw one of them in a club once. So I would prefer if we could do forum meet from 5.30.


Scousebaby aged 47 and a half


i'll be seeing them again in november

at a 'secret venue' in hackney

where i suspect i will be viewed as a confused geriatric who has wandered in by mistake

so looking forward to being among my own on thursday evening

i'm your just a young whippersnapper Ray.Was going to book for Manchester but dithered because of my age and now its to late.

bloody hell

can someone help me out when i exchange my ticket for a wristband?

i think i might need to be accompanied by an adult

well, don't you be jostling us more infirm folk

i like a good jump up and down as much as the next middle aged man

but we have to watch our hips

anyone wondering why all us old folk are so keen on money may find a possible answer in this interview with frontman, jamie lee:

his key preoccupation seems to be our inability to accept death

and our horror, as we age, at realising its inevitability

so there you go - we are nearer to death - and consequently nearer the front on thursday evening

erudite bugger he is too

young folk tend to mistrust that

Good interview there, in fact both pieces interesting in rather different ways. Wasn't particularly planning on spending part of the summer break contemplating my inevitable doom, but maybe I'll just have to make an exception for 45 minutes or so the day after tomorrow. There's always Patti to cheer me up later on.