Stage fight or stage flight

So, back from holiday to a flood ofclashfinders and clashes. I've not listened to enough of my "need to listen to them"s to give a full list but 3 points.

1) Where did I miss James Yorkston being announced? Over the moon he's back, not many clashes would take me away from a JY set.

2) Last year I hardly went to the Mountain Stage all weekend and had a brilliant time. I usually seem to spend more time watching bands in the Far Out Tent than anywhere else. This year I reckon I'll not be going to the Far out Tent anywhere near as much. Interesting how it works like that. Is there a realligning of the sort of acts who are on each stage, or is it coincidence? 

3) Perhaps related, increasingly quite a few of the bigger acts on in the Walled Garden are the sorts of bands who'd go down well in an early-ish afternoon slot on the Mountain Stage. Few examples, but when I saw Teleman announced I assumed it was a "they went down well in the Walled Garden last year, so let's invite them back and put them on a bigger stage" thing.

Nice thread title bc.

I think JY was just slipped in 'without the fanfare' - kinda suits the nice unassuming character he is. 

Personally, I think I'll be spending about the same amount of time in the Far Out - perhaps a little more which is great as I agree with Chester Bennington that "Rock and roll is not meant to be played with the sun shining on your face"