Somewhere Area

Quick question for you before I start bigging up the just announced teen area to my eldest daughter.
This year for the first time she'll have a teen ticket and therefore the world of the "Somewhere" area opens up to her.
The thing is - she will be mostly hanging out with her 11year old sister, as she always has done at GM.. so my question is: Is there a policy - and if so how strictly will it be enforced if both girls want to check out the happenings in the teen area?

basically am I going to be lumbered with a sulky child when I should be struggling through the crowds to get to the front for Mac DeMarco?

cheers.. SW.

last year my eldest (12) and my daughter (10) both spent majority of time in Somewhere whilst my youngest were in Little Folk. No real checks, but seemed very safe, well organised and fun.... although I was a little disappointed with the more commercialised aspects of Somewhere ("give us a quid for......")

It won't be a problem - in fact based on my experience with my daughter last year, you may even find that the older one finds it a bit "young". My impression was that the average age for at least some of the activities was actually below 13 - ie preteens too young to be seriously interested in most of the music, but too old for the children's area - though in fairness we didn't spend much time in there.

Anyway shouldn't any self-respecting music-loving teen be joining you in fighting her way to the front to see Mac DeMarco? My daughter is very curious to see if the rumours about his live performances are true ;)