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well that was bloody stressful

got to the point of 'ordering' two tickets and a campervan pass before 10.01, expected next screen to be the payment page and then the black mirror descended.

the 30 second timer restarted about half a dozen times and then nornality kicked back in.



Finally done it I think.

But once again what a shit system and what a greedy bunch of fuckers!

What with the whole gazebo shit I'm not feeling quite so loving towards Green Man as normally right now.

they couldnt be starting to fuck up our festival, could they?


Gouging bastards.

Decided to wait until lJanuary due to general skintness and lack of blue car park. Glad you all got yours.

System crashed, when I tried to pay for a full basket. Tried again and too late!

How much more are the regular tickets in January? All gone by time I had an opportunity to try and get tickets. I wish they’d do this on the weekend as unless I take time off work I have no opportunity at 10am on a Thursday. 

What i don't get is why people apparently are already selling early bird tickets on dodgy sites at vastly inflated prices? There'll be plenty more tickets come January and it probably won't sell out until June. It's not bloody Glastonbury is it?

Probably because it's not a person buying them. It'll be a bot that purchases them and then they automatically go on the tout sites