i see from FB that GM 2014 has just sold out

see the other 19,999 of you there in three weeks!

Hope it isn't 20,000 and that's just what they're licensed for. If they're are 20,000 it might be my last year. Have to say that there seemed to be lots more room last year but maybe that was due to the dry conditions.

Don't get your tails in a twist. 

Green Man is licensed for 20,000 people but we don't sell that many tickets - and never have done- leaving you plenty of space to frolick. 

Woof woof.



It gladdens my heart to see that it's sold out without any big 'legacy' or 'pester power' artists required to shift tickets.

Can't wait to get frolicking!


Yep. I think a lot of it will be down to last year's GM being so brillant, rather than simply being people following big draws in the lineup. Comments and reviews being even more overwhelmingly good than usual must have increased the numbers coming in through word of mouth or returning having had a good time last year. A good sign

Really pleased that strength in depth with no huge names  has sold out the tickets---i'm guessing there is a large percentage of regulars.

"Wieird to be honest" 

Just out of interest, is the tall blonde curly haired headbanger on the forum?  Saw him repeatedly, almost wondered if he was twins.

He was one of a few "characters" that really stood out last year.  Very impressive sweat spray when we were watching Arbouretum, also very correct when he kindly advised us that my 10 year old daughter would not survive long when stood front and central.

Sounds like Big Jeff from Bristol (Google him), though I don't recall seeing him at Green Man. I see him pretty much everywhere else mind! 

Yeah, it was Jeff. Who I wasn't aware of until somebody told me of his legend! I see from google there's even a Big Jeff documentary....

If I DON'T see Jeff in the front row of a Bristol gig, I'm always concerned that I've made the wrong choice for that evening. He's a lovely guy who must spend every penny he has on music. I wasn't aware of the doc either - will have a look at that.


That's answered a question I've had for a while. I gradually become aware of 'Big Jeff' at End of the Road last time I went. We must have pretty similar taste in music as he was at the front of nearly every band I saw.

Was both surprised and delighted to see him at GM last year. 

Counting the days now....


he was at almost every set i was at last year

and there at the front of money in their viddy from EOTR

the most striking thing about him is all the festival wristbands he has on

need he ever buy another ticket?

flash that wrist to elbow accumulation and no steward alive is going to take the time to see if the relevant one is actually in there somewhere