So.. Next year...

Cor! What an incredible GM that was! Thanks for all the birthday love folks.

Who do you want to see for next year? I'll get me paws straight to work.. 

Early Birds on sale 27th Sept from 10am. x 

Yes, Ari sounded decent Friday-afternoon-in-the-Walled-Garden territory.  Assuming the sun is out.  Otherwise might be a bit of a struggle.

Loving Follakzoid.  Cosmic, atmospheric Chilean psych rock a bit Neu! in style.  It'll definitely be Far Out on Sunday.

just furtled around youtube/spotify to check out previously unknowns - follakzoid and floating points - now look forward to seeing both at GM. snail mail = decent, but a bit m'eh for me. 

but BJM on sunday is absolutely all that really matters, right?

I seem to be the only one here who quite likes a few things on Friday! Marlon Williams is my biggest new discovery courtesy of this year's line-up, and has promptly now become my #1 must see of the weekend. Even Mrs Wakestock is keen! Finally found something else she likes other than Baxter Dury on the bill. 

Someone else recommended Marlon Williams and may have been the firsT to do so.   Party Boy being one of theur favourite tracks of the year so far.  For me, I keep listening to ‘nobody gets what theye want any more’ a rather nice duet with Aldous Harding who had a mixed response on here last year.

anyway, MW is playing at the Americana festival in Bristol on 27 July (plus a couple of other UK dates).  I would definitely have been there but it is Womad weekend so otherwise engaged.

I know there wasn't much love for Aldous Harding on here, but I thought her set in a packed to the rafters Walled Garden last year was wonderful, and one of my highlights. That duet with Marlon Williams is stunning too. 

Not appalling. Except for the version of first time ever I saw you face. Which is.

Still a bit too much cruise ship cabaret for me, but it doesn't look like there'll be too much competition so I may well see if his live performance can sway me.

I thought Beck was on very good form watching that 6 Music Festival thing on the telly box last night, and was left thinking how great it would be to see him headlining the Mountain Stage. He's on my request list every year, and I know it's not for want of trying, but maybe they can finally pin him down for 2019? It would be good to see Courtney Barnett return too. 

I hadn‘t heard of him before, from what I’ve seen I dont see him as cruise ship cabaret myself, just someone with a sublime voice. Couldn’t see a problem with his version of The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face either, just a great song beautifully sung. Is it my favourite version, probably not, but on a sunny morning in the Walled Garden it’ll sound pretty good I’m sure.

Just listening to the excellent new Gruff Rhys album (man's a bloody genius) and thinking just how cool would it be if that old green fella had one last trick up his sleeve . . . . Gruff and the National Orchestra of Wales on the Mountain Stage on Saturday afternoon?

I went to see Gruff Rhys at the Wales Millennium Centre on Sunday night when he and the 72-piece National Orchestra of Wales performed the album through. It was magnificent, and much as I’d love to see him at Green Man I think the logistics of doing this make it highly unlikely. While the acoustics in the WMC allows the orchestra to play without amplification I don’t think theat would be possible on the Mountain Stage. He is touring the album with a mini-orchestra, but this was billed as a one-off event. 

but still going to check him out in Manch in September - the bits I’ve heard on 6music sound (for him) very lovely. 

I thought SFA at Green Man 2015 were unexciting  

One ticket has arrived (last week) still waiting for Settlers although Ticketline site says both have been despatched.  Assume will be waiting for me tomorrow.

Just emailed ticketline and got a reply within half an hour which was impressive. Tickets sent out yesterday! They'll get sent back to ticketline and then re-sent to our new address. Phew!

Are you able to make contact with the current occupants at your previous address to ensure that they refuse the delivery, or return the tickets?

As ray_rad says they are very often not signed for on delivery.

Personally, I'd await a successful outcome before using 'impressive' in the same sentence as 'Ticketline'.

that 'signed for' malarky is part of the insane mark-up we pay on the tickets

is it royal mail or ticketline who are fucking up?

who cares - can we have our money back?

I was away from home when they tried to deliver mine but i had to go to the sorting office to sign and collect them.

Me too.  As I am still waiting for my settlers ticket, I am worrying that there were two envelopes waiting and only signed and given one.