So.. Next year...

Cor! What an incredible GM that was! Thanks for all the birthday love folks.

Who do you want to see for next year? I'll get me paws straight to work.. 

Early Birds on sale 27th Sept from 10am. x 

so i tried to listen to this lot on that spotify

but the first song's on the wrong speed

and the rest's like a portlandia idea of kanye

is this another 'joke'?

like that future islands thing?

I keep persisting with Dirty Projectors but I don't get it yet.  Anyway, this will be our 2nd Green Man after liking what we experienced last year.  For me, I think there is a decent lineup of stuff I'll want to get to, primarily being King Gizzard, BJM, Follakzoid, Kevin Morby, Jane Weaver, Phoebe Bridgers, and Teenage Fanclub.  Does anyone know if Teenage Fanclub are headlining the 2nd stage?  I'm hoping they'll get a evening slot on the main stage, similar to where Shins played last year. 

That Sunday evening/night is a right pain! Quite keen on seeing all the bands listed for Far Out/Main apart from War on Drugs

I'm sure the Fleet Foxes/Teenage Fanclub clash will have some spitting feathers, in which case I recommended my own personal solution which is to simply be not too arsed about the latter 

Saturday gonna be manic.

Love how they just slip in four of the best acts on the line-up with no fanfare. HMS Morris, 9 Bach, Seazoo, and The Surfing Magazines added to my must-see list.


Bugger! Jim Ghedi - Sweet Babs clash!

When did Surfing Magazines and 9 Bach get added to the line up? This is splendid news! Two more adds to the must-see list.

Last year I had loads of stuff on my must see list and only had one clash the whole weekend

This year I have far fewer must sees but loads of clashes.

there's not much i want to see this year (did i mention that?)

but one of those i do is stella donnelly

first up on the walled garden on sunday

based on her london show last night, it'll be well worth getting there early

she's very funny (as are many of the new songs), charming and has a killer voice

her mum probably won't be at GM, though

which will make the vibrator reference a bit less... piquant

I'll have another listen as I wasn't impressed first time around  - a mr ray recommendation is not to be sniffed at.

I really wanted to like Serafina Steer's band Bas Jan - the great Emma Smith (Meilyr Jones, James Yorkston, Seamus Fogarty etc) plays in them, they're on Johnny P's label and they are pretty twee but . . . they kinda sound like a more proficient but far less interesting Raincoats - some quite funny lyrics and some gratingly trite. 

I'm going to keep bigging up Shannon Lay - try Moon's Detriment for a start. A little slight but a gorgeous voice. 

As usual I'll be spending the bilk of my time in the Walled Garden.

Loving Shannon Lay.

Early Saturday looking like Sweet Baboo, Seamus Fogarty, Shannon Lay, Courtney Marie Andrews, Ider ...

Which is bloody lovely

i've been to the waiting room

and even in february, it's fucking roasting in there

so doing irish dancing in a duffel coat has got to be challenging

props to her

other than that, yeah, not good

still better than future islands though

at least this lot don't look like they mean it

This year looking at the day splits i could turn up on Saturday and not feel i've missed anything---not moaning,just after some advice for acts to watch on Friday,i've flicked through everything and only The Lovely Eggs got my attention but are there some acts i need to persist with which sound better after a few plays?

Whyte Horses

Eleanor Friedberger

Joan As Police Woman

Dirty Projectors

King Gizzard

All worth watching in my humble 

I'd agree Friday is the weakest day but I love HMS Morris so at least it'll be a good start.

Annoyingly the better acts of the day then all clash - Amber Arcades / Lovely Eggs / J.Bernardt / Eleanor Friedberger / Duds / Juanita Stein ... as potentially do Joan as Policewoman, Beak, & Insecure Men :(

With such a lame late evening line-up, I may spend the time in the bar and be very pissed for King Gizzard.

marlon williams pretty pleasant

that's about it for me on friday

maybe susanne sundfors afterwards

Thanks for the suggestions,i will have a spotify morning,not expecting to find any new favourites but hope for a few i can enjoy--and maybe a couple of bands to be announced in the cinema tent-- otherwise i will have to follow Peridots plan,though i left bored half way through when King Gizzard headlined the Far Out stage.

Friday a quiet day for me too - like what I hear of J Bernardt though he may clash with the Eggs. Love Eleanor Friedberger though not overly impressed by what I've heard of her new album (a number of rather disaapointing albums for me this year - see also Ezra Furman, Field Music and possibly Ryley Walker). Wye Oak and Whyte Horses may be worth a listen though. Quite a few of my 'avoid at all costs' are playing on Friday (King Tuff, Lemon Twigs, HMLTD.

Jim Ghedi could be my this year's Yorkston Thorne Khan, totally captivated by his playing, a perfect Green man choice. That along with the Celebrating Bert Jansch thing, CMA and the Viv Albertine talk will probably do for me.

Well managed to add a couple so far--thanks to Ray for Marlon Williams really enjoying his latest cd,and Smithers for King Tuff who i dismissed after one quick youtube video but  who might turn out to be my highlight of the day--watch his The Other new video its pretty damn good.Dirty Projectors cannot get passed a couple of minutes without being irritated.Need to still listen to the new Whyte Horses cd and give Eleanor Friedberger a listen.

I agree Dirty Projectors can be a tough listen, there new stuff isn't probably representative of the album's i love, the first two LP's on Domino Bitte Orca and Swing Lo Magellan even though there's a definate RnB influence.

They have a lost a bit since Amber Coffman left his ex bandmate and ex girlfriend.

But what i originally loved about them was the Rise above  album where they covered the Black Flag album Damaged from memory which i always thought was a great concept.

But definately difficult.

The new  Whyte Horses album on the other hand is despite Ray rightly pointing out it's derivative nature  packed with gem's that will sit nicely in the Glanusk sunshine (hopefully)

I did champion Marlon a while back but kept it low key.  Seen him twice and great both times...Big Jeff there both times so must be good. Latest cd is great but do highly recommend his first solo album (Marlon Williams), all great songs but ‘Lonely Side of Her‘ is one of my all time favourites, sadly I do not think he plays it (or Hello Miss Lonesome) live very often now.

in the interests of full disclosure...

i hadn't really checked out marlon williams until someone mentioned him on here

probably you, mikey

he certainly does have a hell of a voice

and in the barren desert that is GM friday 2018, he will be a welcome oasis

i hadn't

but i have a slightly complicated relationship with that guy

for me, he's where devendra lost what was interesting about him

and i really don't like his solo stuff

having said that, he managed to do a great job with 'the milk eyed mender'

but that may just be because he kept himself out of it and let JN do her own thing

HMS Morris are definitely going to be a must-see. Gormod O Ddyn is one of the best songs I've heard in ages

I'd agree that Friday is the weakest day for me personally although there are three acts that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE:

1. Snail Mail - I'm seeing them tonight in Hackney. Released an incredible EP in 2016 including one of my favoruite ever songs "Thinning". All of the songs are very affecting and her guitar tone is really excellent. Debut album out in a few weeks and the new singles, in particular "Pristine", are amazing (imo) 

2. Floating Points - His album "Elaneia" is really beautiful and complex. In particular, Siloutettes (I, II and III) is an eleven minute cosmix jazz odessey! As if Talk Talk went full electronic on Laughing Stock

3. King Gizzard - An incredibly exciting, innovative and talented band. Putting out 5 albums of such quality last year deserves some recognition at least! They already have a pretty dense discography but I would recommend The River, Robot Stop, Nuclear Fusion, Head On/Pill and Her & I (Slow Jam) to get an idea of their wide-raning talents. 

I also love Susanne Sundfor but looks like she will be clashing with FP. Will also be looking to see Insecure Men, Marlon Williams, Wye Oak and Amber Arcades. 


Floating Points are a must see for me.

Other Friday options are Joan as Policewoman and Beak>... probably all on at the same time.

watched a bit of their (his) set last time they (he) played

jazzy - trippy

not at all bad

but watching a bloke at a computer / FX knobs isn't all that exciting

Enjoyed Ari Roar's session on Marc riley last night. Like a much less annoying Mac DeMarco. Provided there are no clashes I'll happily spend 45 minutes of my time with them.