So.. Next year...

Cor! What an incredible GM that was! Thanks for all the birthday love folks.

Who do you want to see for next year? I'll get me paws straight to work.. 

Early Birds on sale 27th Sept from 10am. x 

If keeping to form, the final music announcement was given at the end of March last year with Ride a# the Thursday night headliners, so might get something very soon.  Still hoping for some more big names to come out of the hat but have we had all the headline slots filled for this year?

Yes hopefully something soon.  I’m a bit confused about headliners  this year.  Some have suggested that all the headliners barring Friday have been announced, is that the case?

what is a headliner anyway?

why do heads need lining?

i suppose if you were to fill your head full of rubbish, or compostable material, or shit, you'd probaly want some kind of liner

oh wait, that must be it...

Headliners are what draws the crowds and hopefully keep them away from th stages where the better acts are performing.  The brilliance of Future Islands, a huge crowd in front of the mountainstage, meant I was able to get into the Far Out (just) to enjoy Kate Tempest.

The Headliner situation seems to be (via Green Man on Facebook and Twitter):

PSB Thursday, King Gizzard Friday, War on Drugs and Fleet Foxes Saturday / Sunday (but not sure on the order of the last two)



I'm fairly sure Kevin Morby is headlining. (Well as far as I'm concerned he is!) 

I saw these in the cinema tent last year and really enjoyed the B-52s vibe - unpretentious catchy pop about ancient burial grounds, feeling like a king on payday, sat navs

Just found out they released an album about a month ago and it's on constant rotation now, deserve a good audience this year imo

Hoping for some good stuff in the next announcement 'cos as it stands I might have more time on my hands than I'm used to (which may be no bad thing!). Still only have 10 must-sees and two of those (Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear) I can probably live without. Working my way through the unknowns and am finding very little of interest. Seems a lot of rather mainstream sounding stuff this year. Where's the quirky? Chuck some recomendations at me folks. Folk-psych-twee preferred obvs.

of those with whom i wasn't previously familiar, i'm enjoying:

stella donnelly (enough to have booked to see her play in london too)

haley heynderickyx


sacred paws

also liking the kvb - though not sure they'd be much up your alley

Stella Donnelly - not unlike Haley H but kind annoying with it.

Sacred Paws - been done to death this stuff hasn't it?

The KVB - zzzzzzzzzzzzzdull

i prefer stella donnelly to haley H - not least because i can spell her fucking name without having to look it up every time

but HH is pretty good too, i think

just think stella edges it with the material

also has a bit more of a sense of humour

but hey, i like them both

sacred paws, i probably wouldn't listen to at home - but think they'll be fun live - this years tuneyards

anyway - i did what i can for you

it's slim pickings from that second announcement

chastity belt are ace - but you've probably already heard of them

I love A Hawk and a Hacksaw but can't imagine they create that sound live unless they bring a mighty musical entourage and a Bulgarian choir with them.

Yeah Chastity Belt were on my radar but don't do much for me.

Of those that were new to me, only one - Charles Watson - really interests me and that's only on the basis of one song.

you know he's the bloke out of slow club, right?

who were astonishgly good (on what was the courtyard stage - becks playing a chair.  then again on the main stage - insisting all the boys take off their tops)

and ended up being pop rubbish (on the main stage, doing some weird R&B - making me sad)

does his solo stuff match either of those iterations?

He also plays in the Surfing Magazines so maybe kill two birds with one stone?

And if David and Franic are there may as well bring Johnny along and the WPs can play as well.

I've been quiet on here recently because I too am struggling to find stuff to get excited about.

Only 4 must sees up to now and one of those is Johnny Pictish!

Regrettably not those, Kras.

The other three are Joan as Policewoman, Seamus Fogerty and something about vaginas in Einstein's Garden.

Reckon you might add Jim Ghedi to that list.

I can see Seamus Fogerty's set also atrracting the forum ususal suspects!

Can I not tempt you with any of my must-sees?

Cate Le Bon

Jane Weaver

Jim Ghedi

Kevin Morby

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

Pictish Trail


I've got more to listen to, but the must-sees list is coming along nicely.  I'm somewhat surprised that there doesn't seem to be more love here for Courtney Marie Andrews and Marlon Williams. And Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever.

Other must sees for me so far:


Goat Girl

John Grant

Kevin Morby

Lucy Dacus



The War on Drugs

Simian Mobile Disco have cancelled their June US tour after Jas Shaw was diagnosed with AL amyloidosis. Sounds quite serious so I'm guessing their Green Man show could be in doubt too. 

CMA is certainly on my must see list

along with fleet foxes, john grant, BJM, chastity belt and stella donnelly

but that's it for MUST sees

a few other interesting things

but a pretty crappy overall line up this year for me so far

I'm in the Stella Donelly fan club, great session from SXSW on youtube. Others I'm enjoying that I hadn't paid much attention to are Jim Ghedi, King Tuff, Snapped Ankles, Duds, Ed Dowie. Still more to research

Can't believe it took so long for someone to mention Ed Dowie ... he's insanely brilliant and brilliantly insane.

Go back and listen again ... and don't miss Ider this time either!

I put an Ider track on a compilation for the car to try to impress my daughter 'cos it sounds like you might hear it on Capital.


CMA is certainly on my must-see list too. And Jane Weaver.

Hey! how did i not know Sweet Babs is on the line-up? Another must-see. Him and johhny Pictish in the Wallled Garden two years back still one of my all-time GM highlights.

Shannon Lay, Tamikrest, Seamus Fogerty and Courtney MA all now approaching must-see status.

not to mention adem's and KC's bands too

usually with her partner, vince siprell - who unfathomably died in ealy 2015

together they were geese - who were also great

i've seen vince and emma play with so many difefrent bands, i've lost count

always brilliant

Brilliant selection, alittleotter.

All of those now on my list.

Positivity reinstated, thanks x

Saw them at EOTR last year, walked away, they sounded like some sort of piss take to me.

Meant that we stumbled upon a lovely secret gig in the woods by Moses Sumney though, so a happy ending.

Hi Everyone! This year will be my 1st Green Man. Can't wait! 

My 'must sees' are currently:

  • King Gizzard, Floating Points, Kelly Lee Owens, Phoebe Bridgers, Snail Mail, Lucy Dacus, Susanne Sundfor, John Maus, Mount Kimbie, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Haley Heynderickx and The Black Angels

Hoping to catch:

  • BJM, Bo Ningen, Snapped Ankles, John Talabot, CMA, Tamikrest, Westerman, Wye Oak, Chastity Belt, Marlon Williams and Adwaith

I've seen both TWOD and Fleet Foxes recently so looking to catch one of the other headliners on Saturday and Sunday. 
Looking forward to the next announcement - I'm hoping for Mount Eerie!