So Far ....

Well .... Hey Moonshaker were unique, Chai Wallah's took them to heart - a great start to the Festival.

Haven't seen Patti Smith before - now I know what all the fuss is about, she was so good! Poetic, funny!, topical, dedicated John Lennon's "Beautiful Boy" to Prince George, backed by Tony Shanahan and Patric on violin and harp, did a rousing "Summertime Blues" and most of her great songs.

Loved Sam Amidon, Keston Cobblers. Sorry but for me The Pastels were a big disappointment. Midlake were note perfect, Kings of Convenience were excellent, not sure if that time slot suited them but they were great. Standout performance of the day was Edwyn Collins, great songs, probably the best band in terms of musicianship that I've seen so far - it's only Saturday! Really enjoyed Caitlin Moran in Talking Shop too!

Bit shocked by the A4 format of the programme, nice to see change but for me not practical, A5 is much more manageable, fits into pockets etc. Also, I know hyphenation is a tool of designers these days. But that amount of hyphenation in the body text is too much. Not sure whether it went to print without the "hyphenation off" box ticked - that can happen I know!

Big improvements in lots of area, the steps, the matting, paving all great - well done to everyone so far - amazing!