Hi all, first time attending this year, and was wondering exactly what the showers are like? Are they cleanish? How're the queues? Is the water hot? And is it communal/ gender segregated?


In eight years of Green Man I've never had a shower. Disgusting eh? I think the sight of people emerging from the showers into driving rain and sevaral feet of mud in 2007 and 2008 put me off the idea. If you want to avoid queues though the best time to go is the afternoon/early evening . . . but there are better things to do!

The showers are basic but fine. Normally a portacabin type arrangement split in half - mens one side, womens the other - four individual cubicles in each with corridor / bench outside. The floors can get a bit muddy - flip flops are a good idea. Plenty of hot water although the pressure suffers a bit when they're all in use. Main problem is the folk who need half an hour to wash themselves - if everyone got in and out in five minutes the queues would be a lot shorter.

Very early morning before the long queues form can be a good time.



You've reminded me to add the portashower to the packing list.

It's nearly two pages long now but I bet I still forget something important.

ah did I tell you about the time we got nerly all the way to WOMAD in Reading?

Mrs K to me: 'you've got the tickets right?'

Me: 'thought you had them'

just as we came off the reading exit of the M4

turned round and staright back to Brum

pre-kids so we found it rather amusing

car overheated several times but we still laughred

got back in the evening put tent up and collapsed with wine and herbal refreshment

We did leave without the tickets one year so they are now the first thing on the list.

Fortunately we'd gone less than a mile before we remembered.

If it's muddy... showers will be a nightmare, at Latitude one year people just went in with their wellies on, ending up with a river of slime situation


The map for this year only shows one set of showers in General Camping. When we're talking about queues, how big are these likely to be?