Shop selling groceries?


This will be our first time to Green Man this year and wondered if there is a shop selling newspapers, food items eg bread, milk, bacon, cheese etc? We will be trying lots of the food stalls but with 4 mouths to feed, I would like to be able to make the odd sandwich at the tent! BAsically do i have bring it all with me and lug it from the car or can I buy it there?



Its about 30 minutes,there use to be a general store in the campsite,but i have not camped the last few years so i'm not sure if it still exists--can someone else help?

I think there was one, just outside the main entrance to the festival site. The main one from the camping area into the area just right of the Mountain Stage as you look at it. I was in the live in field last year, so not absolutely certain but there was *something* along those lines. 

there is a general store but it's fairly pricey

for your morning cuppa - assuming you're not packing a portable stove - I'd suggest the Cwmdu community tent which has always been positioned close to the main entrance from family camping into the main arena - great bacon butties, welsh dragon sausage baps and cakes

I discovered the Cwmdu tent on Monday last year but plan to make up for it this year. The Tea Stop (red double decker) is good too.

Thanks everyone. Sounds like I might need to bring some basic provisions. I have 2 VERY hungry teenage boys with me who eat pretty much all the time so I'm going to need some back-up supplies! I was thinking of bringing a potable stove but if I can't get milk (for tea) it won't be much use. Been to Glastonbury twice and they have several basic grocery shops near the camping fields! Helps keep the cost down a bit for families with many mouths to feed! Maybe next year GM????? :) 

I'd advocate taking a stove, long life milk, tins of beans, bread, one of those toaster rack thing you can toast bread on. If you don't like longlife milk then hot chocolate so you don't need milk, or cup a soup. It will cost a lot feeding on site - the stalls aer reasonably priced in the main but it adds up over a whole weekend. Crickhowell is about an hour walk along the river - if you can stop in Abergavenney en route if you're driving you could stock up there at the supermarket - my friend went to Lidl last year and bought stuff there

Walking to Crickhowell is nice in good weather but if it's rainy the path gets VERY muddy



you can - but access to the tow path from the site involves a bit of a walk along the B road first

unless you can convince the stewards to let you out the exit by chai wallahs

they usually won't though as that path goes past the estate owner's home

worth the short walk along the B-road though - as it is much nicer, it's true!

If the weather is ok we walk along the canal from our b and b in Llangynidr but cannot stand walking long distances in wellies so its a taxi if wet.

I'm feeling reasonably optimistic that walking boots will suffice this year, though I'm taking wellies along just in case. We stay at a place on the B road, just over the bridge from Crick on the left, so tend to walk in either along the river or canal, but get a cab back