sharon van etten

new album in january

first single out today:

it's a banger

surely a contender for a big slot at next year's GM

She’s had a lot going on the last few years by the sound of it. Loved her at GM previously, would love to see her back.

Can't wait to finally see her live! 

What are people's thoughts on the new album? I'm really enjoying it but i don't think it's as good as Are We There - that album is pretty much perfect in my eyes. 

Seventeen, Hands and No One's Easy to Love are highlights for me. 

I think I would like that song, but can't get my brain past the way she pronounces the word "kid"....

Quite like her, will probably watch her if there's nothing good on in the Far Out Tent.

Tramp is a fantastic record. 'Leonard' and 'We are Fine' in particular. Not a huge fan of the new album but I can see the appeal, looking forward to it. 

She was great in Bristol last night.  will Be good to see her again in August- have we decided if she will be on main stage or Far Out, yet?

She sounded great at Glastonbury watching on the tele. She’ll get a longer set at Green Man so hopefully we’ll get Love More.